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Cassie and Dave S. won the 2011-2012 Holiday Challenge Contest; together lost 156 pounds; they eat to have good health and a long life rather than eat themselves into bad health and early death

Cassie and Dave S.

My husband and I have been happily married for 25 years. I am 48 years old and Dave is 50.  We have four children, ages 19, 21, 22 and 25, and a grandson, all of  whom have  been affected by our Nutritarian lifestyle .Our families have experienced the harsh realities of heart disease, cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, arthritis and osteoporosis.  We decided we could either eat ourselves into poor health and an early death or we could eat ourselves into good health and a long life. Last year we were feeling very old, unhealthy, tired and frustrated.  With brain fog every day, lack of energy, constant sinus infections, migraines, back pain, indigestion, eczema, severe mood swings and agonizing cravings and food addictions, our toxic diet and sedentary lifestyle was taking its toll. 

We ate animal protein and a lot of processed foods with every meal, and not many fruits and vegetables.  Both my husband and I loved our sweets; it was not unusual for us to eat two to four chocolate bars each night!  We never went for walks or exercised, instead we sat around and watched a lot of television. Myself weighing in at 162  pounds and Dave at  250 pounds, we had become a couple of couch potatoes.

One night while we were channel surfing we came upon Dr. Fuhrman's 3 Steps To Incredible Health on PBS.  We watched the show, and with this new information, our lives were changed overnight.  The next day we purchased Eat To Live, threw out all our processed foods and eliminated meat, dairy, oil, salt and sweeteners from our diet.  Eat To Live became our daily manual.  It provided us with the knowledge that we needed to succeed. Our motivation was not weight driven, but was driven by a deep passion to get healthy and change our lives for the better. We have become very committed to the nutritarian lifestyle.  We both feel fantastic, and it is a great feeling to be in control of our own health.

Our physical and mental transformations have been amazing, especially when we stepped up our program after attending Dr. Fuhrman's Weekend Health Getaway in Princeton N.J. last November.  This weekend was instrumental as Dave, after  thirty five years of being addicted to coffee and cigarettes, finally quit after listening to Dr. Fuhrman's lectures on food and other addictions. It was at this point that we started to exercise. Now we walk, run, or hike at least 20-25 miles a week. We incorporate cardio with calorie-burning exercises on a daily basis. We do not belong to a gym and have no expensive equipment; we keep things simple.

The most valuable advice that we remind each other of is that HEALTH IS EARNED!  Dave  lost 105 pounds and now weighs 145 pounds down from 250 pounds.  I  lost 51 pounds and  now weigh 111 pounds from 162 pounds. We both feel great.  We love and enjoy the foods we eat, our toxic food cravings have disappeared, and exercise is now a very important part of our lives.  Instead of watching television, we find ourselves logged onto Dr. Fuhrman’s member center listening to a teleconference, reading an article, or just reviewing recipes of great nutritarian food. The only cravings we get now are for the taste of our nutrient-dense cuisine and being physically active.

Our passionate commitment to Eat To Live and our new nutritarian diet style, along with time and patience, has allowed our new lifestyle to impact our children.  They have started to incorporate our food choices into their diets and have started to experience significant weight loss and overall health improvements.   In one way or another, all of our children have started their own personal journey.  Dave and I get a lot of satisfaction seeing our children improve their health. The one truth that we have learned from our nutritarian lifestyle is that we all have the power, it is in each of us, to take control of our own health destiny

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