Fuel Your Immune System With Protective, Micronutrient-Rich Foods

Super Immunity Guided Detox

May 11 – 31, 2020

A 3-week eating plan guided by Dr. Fuhrman with online face-to-face discussions twice a week.

Boost Your Immunity • Repair DNA Damage to Prevent Cancer • Remove Carcinogens From the Body

Learn how eating a healthy diet plays a major role in the prevention and recovery from diseases like the flu, autoimmune disease, cancer and more. Enjoy Dr. Fuhrman’s carefully designed 21-day menu with recipes that will flood your body with protective micronutrients as you lose weight, detox and protect your future health while he checks-in with you twice a week to educate and motivate you.


COST: $375.00

NOTE: All fees are non-refundable

Classroom opens on May 4, 2020 so you can access materials to prepare for the detox.

Achieving maximum nutrient density can be easy (and delicious)

On this Super Immunity Guided Detox, you’ll enjoy foods that contain the highest levels of immune-boosting ingredients, G-BOMBS®: greens (cruciferous vegetables), beans, mushrooms, onions, berries, and seeds. These foods are crucial for optimizing your immune system and protecting your precious health.

Interactive discussions and support

Join Dr. Fuhrman for six online group discussions, where he’ll explain the keys to super immunity and answer your health questions. You will also gain access to a private Facebook group with other Detox participants. PLUS: Our Success Program counselor, Kathleen Murray, LCSW, will host an online discussion and Q&A on overcoming addictive food behaviors.

Delicious food – you won’t feel deprived

Enjoy 21 days of menus with recipes for delicious plant-based entrees and main course salads, dressings, fresh green juices, green smoothies, and more. These high-micronutrient recipes are designed to utilize the highest levels of powerful immune-boosting and protective ingredients.

Detox plan based on solid science

There is abundant scientific evidence suggesting many food-derived phytochemicals enhance the body’s protective mechanisms, helping to remove carcinogens from the body, repair DNA damage and maximally fuel our miraculous immune system.

Daily exercise guide with videos

Step up your calorie burn and your mood! Dr. Fuhrman demonstrates a variety of exercises that you can easily incorporate into your daily schedule to strengthen muscles, build bone, boost weight loss, improve overall energy and improve your mood.

One month FREE Platinum membership*

With membership to DrFuhrman.com at this premium level, you can stay in contact with Dr. Fuhrman and Dr. Benson via the website’s Ask The Doctor forum where you can post questions. In addition, you have access to over 1700 recipes, position papers on subjects not in Dr. Fuhrman’s books, members’-only exercise and lecture videos, meal plans, health tracker, and more.

Course materials are at your fingertips

The classroom will open on May 4, 2020 so you can explore the videos and reading materials, watch videos, download the meal plan and recipes – and prepare and plan for the detox. The classroom is available anytime, from anywhere, on your mobile device or computer.

We All Need a Detox to Replenish, Heal and Repair


COST: $375.00

NOTE: All fees are non-refundable

* Enrollment includes a free month of PLATINUM membership to DrFuhrman.com for all participants, including current members. Details to activate membership are available in the classroom beginning May 4, 2020. Complimentary membership must be activated by June 30, 2020, or it will be forfeited. After your complimentary 1-month membership is over, there will be a recurring charge of $49.95 billed monthly to the credit card you supply at checkout. If you are a current GOLD member, your membership will automatically revert back to GOLD after your complimentary month of PLATINUM ends. Current PLATINUM members will automatically receive one additional month – you will not need to do anything. You may cancel at any time prior to your monthly renewal date by calling Customer Service at 1 (800) 474-WELL (9355). Customers outside the U.S., please call Customer service at (908) 237-2195.