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Lose Weight Healthfully
With Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Diet

Your Weight Loss Journey Begins Here...

The Nutritarian approach is a lifestyle plan focused on adopting a high-nutrient eating style to achieve or restore the body to excellent health. Following this type of diet style can make it easy to attain substantial weight loss and maintain it forever. It is the roadmap to dramatically reverse heart disease, radically drop cholesterol and triglycerides levels, and get rid of Type 2 diabetes as well as all of the associated medications commonly prescribed to control these diseases. It can also promote anti-aging and longevity, adding healthful, quality years to your life. The more you adhere to the plan, the quicker and more dramatic the results.

Based on the latest scientific literature, and his own experience helping thousands of people successfully recover their health and transform themselves, Dr. Fuhrman designed this program which:

  • Involves no calorie counting
  • Does not require a completely vegan or even vegetarian diet
  • Provides an opportunity to reverse many chronic health problems
  • Offers the key to overcoming food addiction
  • Puts an end to “yo-yo” dieting and the health dangers that go along with it
  • Outlines a way of eating that can be maintained for life
  • May help you feel and look younger
  • Can help protect against certain types of cancer
  • May add healthy years to your life

A medical breakthrough.

If you give this diet your complete commitment, there is no question in my mind that it will work for you.”

—Mehmet Oz, M.D.

Many fad diets are simply dangerous. They may cause you to lose weight in the short-term, but at the cost of your health. Trendy weight loss schemes and ever-changing fat, carbohydrate, and protein formulas offer temporary weight-loss “fixes.” A dizzying array of fad diets, including Paleo, Wheat Belly, Mediterranean, and low-fat diets, are especially popular now and keep us paralyzed by confusion about what we should be eating and what can be a danger to our health. These unsustainable diets often lead to repeated weight loss and gain, which increase the risks of diabetes and heart disease. Furthermore, this lack of a sustainable, permanent and safe diet plan leads people on a continual and futile search for the one that will work for them, keeping them misinformed, unsuccessful, and trapped in a vicious cycle of food addiction, food cravings, and weight gain.

Dr. Fuhrman writes, “We still need help battling the twin powers of food preference and food addiction, the cornerstones of the billion-dollar diet industry that continues to push trendy, temporary, short-term solutions at the expense of our permanent long-term health.”

The foundation of the Nutritarian program is in understanding the key principles of the science of health, nutrition, and weight loss. With this knowledge you will learn how to effectively apply a simple strategy to achieve and maintain an optimal weight, without dieting, for the rest of your life.

By following Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian program, you will finally lose the weight you have tried so hard to shed, but more importantly you will become healthier than you have ever thought possible. You will be able to eat until you are satisfied and with tremendous pleasure. You will feel great and look great.

Join the thousands of people who have adopted this way of life to lose weight, regain their health, and enjoy renewed vitality. Read their personal journeys for inspiration. The secret to their success is in the knowledge that can be obtained throughout this website and on the pages of Dr. Fuhrman’s books. It will change the way you want to eat.

Americans are fatter and sicker than ever before. Unfortunately, we all know people who either have cancer, heart disease or diabetes. These are not diseases of aging; rather they are the result of the terrible diet that most Americans eat. There is a way out; you can shed all of that excess weight and recover from chronic diseases; no matter what your doctor may have told you. Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian diet will help you to break free from the vicious cycle of poor eating and poor health once and for all.  Dr. Fuhrman explains how to get well in easy-to-understand terms in his books and this website.

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In Dr. Fuhrman’s NY Times best-selling book The End of Dieting which updates his #1 NY Times best-selling book, Eat to Live, you will learn about the latest scientific evidence supporting the concept of adopting a high-nutrient eating style to not only lose weight, but more importantly to help dramatically restore the body to excellent health—for life.

Eat For Health, is a great starter book for those interested in entering the world of superior health.  This book was developed so anyone can understand this critical information and adopt the Nutritarian diet in an easy, step-by-step fashion. It continues to advocate the importance of following a high-nutrient eating style while offering more options to ease into it from a typical American diet and provides a path to success. This book leads you through a 3-phase approach to transition gradually to the Nutritarian eating style and provides exercises with food to retrain your taste to prefer healthier fare. In addition, Eat for Health contains 150 Nutritarian recipes, so it’s like getting 2 books in one.

Eat for Health

Eat for Health

  • Gradual transition plan
  • Flexible menu options
  • Exercises for your palate
  • Self-paced progression
  • 150 incredible healthful recipes of all types

    Learn More

Eat to Live

The End of Dieting offers:

  • Easy-to-follow plan you will want to follow for life
  • Simple, flexible, and adaptable to your food preferences & dietary needs
  • Motivation and solutions to break free from food addiction—so there are no excuses
  • Menus and tips for those who are too busy to cook
  • 76 nutritious, easy-to-prepare recipes with time saving suggestions for store-bought foods

    Learn more
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Debbie lost 133lbs.
Read Debbie’s Story

*Results may vary

Many individuals who now follow the Nutritarian diet have written to Dr. Fuhrman with their success stories.
These are some of the struggles, which they had on other diets, but they each found success by following a Nutritarian diet:
• Losing significant amounts of weight
• Reversing diabetes
• Lowering cholesterol levels
• Lowering blood pressure
• Relieving arthritis pain
• Becoming free from medications

Felicia lost 147lbs.
Read Felicia’s Story

*Results may vary

Kim lost 95lbs.
Read Kim’s Story

*Results may vary

Robert lost 200lbs.
Read Robert’s Story

*Results may vary

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Dr. Fuhrman’s critically acclaimed Nutritarian diet-style is the only diet clinically proven to reduce cholesterol more effectively than drugs! Read the full article.