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March 03, 2021 by Dr. Fuhrman Staff

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Back in August 2020, Dr. Fuhrman issued a challenge to the participants in his Weight Loss Boot Camp: Follow the Nutritarian diet for 6 months and lose five or more BMI (Body Mass Index) points as they worked to achieve their goal weight. Create your own success story! Register for this year’s Weight Loss Detox and Challenge.

235 people accepted Dr. Fuhrman’s challenge.

Here’s what they did:

They followed the nutritarian diet whole heartedly

They embraced a healthy lifestyle, including exercising daily.

They learned about the incredible benefits of eating a high-nutrient, whole plant food diet.

They supported each other in their Facebook group.

They attended monthly zoom meetings with our Food Addiction counselor.

They invested in their health.

Every month, challengers logged their progress on Dr. Fuhrman’s website, with their starting weight and photos. And the challenge began!

Meet the winners

Randi Altmark, Becky Anseth, Carrelyn Banner, Tanya Bender, Dr Blarcom, Linda Bressem, Susann Bring, Catherine Caldwell, Sharon Cantrell, Melanie Correa, JoAnne Evans, Joyce Friesen, Randi Freeman, Stan Freeman, Hollis (Holly) Foster, Sandy Good, Joyce Gordon-Simmons, Eileen Hamilton, A. Kates, Kenneth Kaufman, Kim Koepf, Michael Kumar, Kari Lippert, Catherine McDevitt, Denise McNeal, Elizabeth Mauter, Marilee Messner, Kelly Miller, Isabelle Monaco, Meredith Murphy, Rebel Nichols, Wendy Nichols, Debra NIcholls, Rebecca Ott, Karen Palmer, Margaret Pellegrino, Jilla Piroozmandi, Adella Pugh, Susan Ripple, Jill Rosenthal, Amelia Savinova, Ana Sikula, Tina Stafki, Lara Stokes, Mary Terrell, Laura Webster, Maya Wilcox, Mary Zaletel

We are so incredibly happy for our winners and participants of this challenge! Read some winners’ success stories below – it will inspire you to continue your own journey to health.

Winner’s Spotlights

Quotes have been condensed and edited for clarity.

Susan of Ohio lost 76.8 pounds and dropped 13.2 BMI points

“I found out last year in March I was diabetic, so Dr. Fuhrman’s diet was perfect for me. I have had weight issues since I was 5...I understand now why other diets don't work. I see why eating this way is scientifically better for me, [and] why I should eat this way forever.”

Randi of New Jersey lost 74.4 pounds and dropped 12 BMI points

“My eating was totally out of control, and I gained [130 pounds] in a little over two years. I always struggled with weight and I was a binge eater of very, very SAD food. Be committed and you will feel better and love the results! I'm down 12 BMI points since August and aiming for 21.”

Sandy of Alabama lost 50.7 pounds and dropped 9.3 BMI points

“I’ve always been overweight. My whole life I have tried everything except surgery to lose weight. Before I heard about Dr. Fuhrman’s Weight Loss Boot Camp and Challenge, I had given up on myself. But Dr. Fuhrman has taught me how to love myself, take care of myself and be healthy.”

Joyce of California lost 48.6 pounds and dropped 8.6 BMI points

“I started gaining weight after the birth of my 1st child at age 25. I've never been able to lose the weight permanently. Every time I lost weight I regained more once I stopped trying. [With the Challenge] I found that eating high nutrient and low-calorie foods is very satisfying! My food cravings stopped! I feel so much better. I recently had my labs checked. My cholesterol was 199 [before starting the Challenge] and after it's now 122!”

Tanya of Massachusetts lost 48.8 pounds and dropped 7.9 BMI points

“Dr. Fuhrman has helped me to reverse high blood pressure, reverse high cholesterol and improved my kidney function back to normal. I'm well underway to reversing my diabetes. The Nutritarian lifestyle is my way of eating [because] the SAD was killing me.”

Kim of California lost 47.4 pounds and dropped 7.4 BMI points

“Being 100% compliant during the six-month weight loss challenge has finally put me on the right path permanently. The knowledge Dr. Fuhrman shares cannot be unlearned. Once you know it, you see the world of food and nutrition differently. Thank God for Dr Fuhrman!”

Elizabeth of Ohio lost 45.2 pounds and dropped 6.5 BMI points

“My weight had spiraled out of control, and by January of 2020, I weighed 211 pounds, was experiencing frequent acid reflux, restless leg syndrome, and had a total lack of energy. I decided to focus on myself and get healthy. I joined the challenge and lost 45 pounds. All of my symptoms were gone almost immediately, and I truly look and feel amazing. My energy has returned, I feel confident, positive, and more relaxed. I laugh more, sleep better, and love my life.”

Wendy of Kansas lost 35.7 pounds and dropped 6.4 BMI points

“I found the experience to be wonderful. I learned a lot about health and nutrition. I'm controlling my hypothyroidism and high cholesterol with diet instead of medications. I am so happy that I decided to do the challenge. As I learned what I liked and how to eat, it has become second nature and a part of my lifestyle.”

Laura of New York lost 32.2 pounds and dropped 5.7 BMI points

“[Over the years] I yo-yo dieted, going from 50 to 100 pounds overweight [and] lost my sense of self. After the birth of my third child, I stayed stable at almost 100 pounds over my goal weight. Dr. Fuhrman took everything that I already knew was the right way to eat [but seemed too difficult] and made it doable – and told it like it is!!!”

Ana of Illinois lost 31.6 and dropped 5.4 BMI points

“I found myself becoming more and more sedentary, pounds creeping steadily up over the years and my vibrancy fading away. I knew I was headed in the same direction as my dad, who was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, and I didn't want to have the same fate. I really LOVE the way the program has been structured and it is very well designed.”

As time goes by

As the months went on, some dropped out of the challenge – but many expressed gratitude for the extended support, and said they were committed to continuing their new Nutritarian lifestyle.

And then there were others who kept checking in and posting their progress.

Each month, they achieved their weight loss goals. Of course, it wasn’t always easy with holidays and stress– but they were determined to achieve their goal! They relished the incredible flavors of whole plant foods. They felt their bodies grow strong and healthy as their weight dropped off.

Reaping the rewards

Dr. Fuhrman is so excited with their dedication, hard work, and progress that he is thrilled to congratulate them with a $500 gift certificate to DrFuhrman.com. Winners will enjoy a variety of health and wellness products to reward them for their journey. But the real gift here is superior health.

Join our 2021 Weight Loss Detox and Challenge!



Get a free copy of the Beginner’s Guide to the Nutritarian Diet and embrace the plant-fueled life today!


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03/05/2021 07:08 AM

Congratulations Linda & Kari! So happy for you both. Thank you Dr. Fuhrman & team for such a great program!


03/05/2021 03:25 PM

I loved the collage of losers  (winners). We all worked hard to achieve our results.  The support was fantastic. 


03/05/2021 05:51 PM

This is so positive and inspiring- the whole challenge was transformative, and I am thrilled to hear other people's stories. In a dark world, Dr. Fuhrman and the nutritarian journey is a bright and light lifestyle/culture. Thank you for celebrating us and being so happy for us! Lots of love,  Denise


03/05/2021 09:48 PM

Congratulations---ALL of you! You look fabulous..and.  Most  important of all..IMPROVED your health for LIFE! Proud of you! Warmest Love and Aloha from Malia in Kona,Hi❣️

This comment was last edited on 03/05/2021 09:49 PM


03/05/2021 10:00 PM

It wasn't a solo journey!  We have been surrounded with a mighty cloud of 'cheer-leaders' helping us along the way. Not only the Fuhrman Nutriterian team, but our fellow challenge team members! This effort has encouraged us to contune a life-long journey alongside each other to face the SAD world. I've gleaned such amazing encouragement, recipies, hints to combat travel / work issues, exercise ideas & added 'challenges' and so much more!  Approaching 70, I'm set for life-long empowerment for healthy living..... Can you say "Italy," anyone?

This comment was last edited on 03/05/2021 10:01 PM