Salad is the Main Dish

For at least one meal a day, have a big salad that includes plenty of leafy greens, plus beans, onions, tomatoes, broccoli, cabbage, mushrooms, bell peppers and more, topped by a nut/seed-based dressing. For help in building the perfect salad, download our handy infographic, The Fuhrman Formula for Making the Perfect Salad.

Eliminate all Refined Grains and Sweeteners

Avoid all white flour products, white rice, processed/cold breakfast cereals, sugar and other sweetening agents, such as maple syrup and honey. Find out why.

Limit Animal Products

If using animal products, use only wild, low-mercury seafood, or naturally-raised fowl.  Animal products are best used in very small amounts as flavor enhancers, as a condiment, not as a main dish. Find out why.


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