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Weight loss leading to ideal body weight is essential for health and wellness. There are many benefits that accompany the shedding of excessive pounds with a Nutritarian diet.

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Weight loss can be achieved and maintained best when taking into account the four elements of hunger. Those four elements include not just caloric intake and the caloric density of one’s diet, but also the nutritional quality of one’s diet, food volume, and food addiction or withdrawal. When it comes to weight loss, most people focus on calorie restriction without taking into account nutrient density, food volume, and dealing with food addictions. We must focus on the nutritional quality of one’s diet and not just the calories. When we cut back on calories, lose weight and then increase caloric intake later and gain weight again, our bodies make more enzymes that store fat, leading to the accumulation of more visceral fat. More visceral fat puts people at higher risk of developing diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. Crash dieting leads to loss of subcutaneous fat but it may take years to get rid of visceral fat. A Nutritarian diet is essential to effectively burning up harmful visceral fat and lowering the risk of cardiac and metabolic dysfunction. Healthful eating for life is the only effective way to achieve good health.

Being obese is also associated with the development of certain cancers such as liver, breast, gallbladder, colon, cervical, ovarian, kidney, and thyroid. Weight loss and superior nutrition reduces cancer risk and improves sleep and exercise tolerance. Obstructive sleep apnea, acid reflux, gallstones, osteoarthritis are examples of other health conditions that improve with weight loss. It lowers the risk of death due to all causes. 1

Weight loss leads to improvement in insulin sensitivity. The pancreas produces insulin in order to maintain blood glucose levels. More fat on the body results in insulin resistance, meaning the insulin the body is producing is not as effective. The pancreas responds by increasing production of insulin leading to more fat storage, and weight gain and even the eventual development of diabetes. A nutritarian diet is essential to breaking this cycle and many have not only lost their excess weight, but have completely recovered from type 2 diabetes. Weight loss can also help regulate irregular menstruation and increase fertility.

A Nutritarian diet also has the benefit of promoting healthy gut bacteria, which may play a part in weight loss. Harmful gut bacteria promote inflammation and worsen insulin resistance. 2 Eating foods that are high in fiber, resistant starch and micronutrients promote the growth of healthy gut bacteria, preventing the growth of obesity-promoting bacteria.

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Action Plan


  • A Nutritarian eating style is provides the body with what it needs for excellent health, and in the process it normalizes hunger, and inhibits fat storage, resulting in an ideal weight naturally.
  • Studies show the Nutritarian diet is the most effective program in the world for sustained weight loss.1 The healthiest and most longevity promoting diet-style is also most effective for achieving your ideal weight and maintaining it forever.
  • Learn more about the basics of a Nutritarian eating style here on this website with more details in my book, The End of Dieting and others.
  • Be sure to strictly eliminate refined, processed foods, as well as reduce animal product intake in order to reset your body’s system and taste preferences. Effectiveness is enhanced with no oils or fatty spreads, no sugar, and no refined grains (white flour, white rice, etc.).
  • Listening to your body’s true hunger and satiety (fullness) signals is very important as part of reaching this natural relationship with whole foods in order to avoid overeating. In order to achieve a weight loss pattern, it is important to not snack. Focus your effort on satisfying hunger at meal times (typically 3 meals per day) and do not recreationally eat, especially in the evening.
  • There is no need to limit the quantity of most plant foods such as any green vegetables, tomatoes, peppers, onions, garlic, mushrooms, summer squashes, and many other low calorie plants. Grains and other high glycemic starchy foods, such as potatoes, as well as high fat plant foods, such as nuts and seeds, may need to be limited in order to maximize weight loss in those with low activity levels or a metabolic hindrance to weight loss.
  • A Nutritarian eating style can include creative, delicious and nutritious recipes that you enjoy.
  • Meal plan: Aggressive Weight Loss


Dr. Fuhrman’s general supplement protocol for adults (see Vitamin Advisor for details) includes:


  • Exercising is healthful, but it is important to note that exercise alone is not a successful strategy for weight loss. Focus most of your efforts on structuring your dietary habits.


  • The End of Dieting
  • The Weight Loss Starter Kit: includes a copy of The End of Dieting, the Nutritarian Planner and Journal, the Eating Like a Nutritarian DVD, the Secrets to Healthy Cooking DVD, and one free month of Gold Membership to DrFuhrman.com

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  1. Fuhrman J, Singer M. Improved Cardiovascular Parameter With a Nutrient-Dense, Plant-Rich Diet-Style: A Patient Survey With Illustrative Cases. Am J Lifestyle Med 2015.

Ask The Doctor

The following are sample questions from the Ask the Doctor Community Platinum and higher members can post their health questions directly to Dr. Fuhrman. (All members can browse questions and answers.)


I know that I sometimes eat to alleviate anxiety and boredom, and also that I don’t seem to have any concept of hunger or satiety. I hope to experience true hunger at some point, but meanwhile, it is really almost impossible for me to judge when and how much I should eat to maintain a healthy weight/ lose weight. Under these circumstances, would you advise that I eat strictly by the clock, e.g. every 5 hours, three meals per day, or just limit myself to a certain amount of food per day to be eaten whenever I think I might be in need of food. Or should I do both?


Yes, eat three meals a day. Do not snack, and do not eat until you are uncomfortably full, just comfortably satisfied. Try to stop eating before you feel any stomach fullness or discomfort. Remember, if you are following my guidelines and eating large salads, fresh fruit, and large portions of cooked greens and other G-BOMBS, it will be very difficult to overeat on calories, as you will get full before you can eat too many calories.


I am on day 4 of your program, and I want to lose 20 pounds. Beyond weight loss, I want to age healthfully and eat in a way that I can maintain the rest of my life.

Prior to discovering your program, I was following a low carb, high fat, high animal protein diet for about 6 months. I ate a lot of red meat, bacon, cheese, etc. I ate very little fruit and vegetables. I was obsessed with counting carbs.

I have noticed that I feel hungry a lot. Is this normal for someone that is coming off a low carb plan? My hunger seems to happen about 2 hours after breakfast or lunch. I will grab some nuts or fruit or one of your bars.

Should I just give this plan a chance to work and not worry about being hungry and snacking right now?


Welcome! What you are experiencing will pass quickly. Those symptoms are what I call “toxic hunger” that is related to enhanced detoxification of waste products when active digestion ceases. You can learn more about this by reading my books, Eat For Health or The End of Dieting. Now that your diet is rich in phytonutrients, fiber, and healthy fats, this will abate soon. Stay with the plan and if you need to snack because you are feeling too ill, avoid nuts and snack on lower calorie fruits or vegetables.


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