Weight Loss Detox (and Optional Challenge)

Enrollment in this course is not currently open.

Classroom opens: April 26, 2021

Weight Loss Detox: May 3 - 23, 2021

Classroom closes: June 30, 2021

Lose Weight, Super-Charge Your Immune System and Feel Amazing!

By flooding your body with protective micronutrients from superfoods, you’ll lose weight, detox and protect your future health. During the detox, you’ll check in with Dr. Fuhrman for lively, sessions and you will get the opportunity to ask him your questions. The zoom webinars will educate, motivate and inspire you!

The Weight Loss Detox eliminates the guesswork and puts you on a clear path to acheiving your health goals.

Interactive discussions and support via Zoom lectures 

  • WEEK 1

    Monday, May 3, 8pm EST                         Dietary Excellence for Longevity, with Dr. Fuhrman

    Wednesday, May 5, 4:30 pm EST             Insider Secrets and Tips for Nutritarian Cooking, with Jenna Fuhrman

    Thursday, May 6,11 am EST                     Fitness and Exercise, with Dr. Fuhrman

  • WEEK 2

    Monday, May 10, 8pm EST                       Resolving Emotional Eating and Addictive Eating, with Dr. Fuhrman

    Wednesday, May 12, 8pm EST                 Everyday Eating with the Right Foods and Recipes, with Dr. Fuhrman

    Thursday, May 13, 7pm EST                     Insights and Practical Tips for Living the Nutritarian Lifestyle, with Lisa Fuhrman

  • WEEK 3

    Monday, May 17, 8pm EST                      Super Foods and Supplements, with Dr. Fuhrman

    Wednesday, May 19, 8pm EST               Strategies to Overcome Addictive Food Behaviors, with Kathleen Murray, LCSW

    Friday, May 21, 8pm EST                        Questions and Answers, with Dr. Fuhrman

Note: Schedule of events is subject to change. The final schedule will be available in the classroom.All sessions will be recorded and accessible in the classroom within 24 hours of the live event.

Delicious food – you won’t feel deprived

  • 20 days of menus + recipes
  • learn how to prepare delicious plant-based entrees, salads, dressings, and healthful desserts
  • you’ll come to enjoy the flavor of natural foods without salt, oil or sugar.  

Detox based on sound nutritional science

  • scientific evidence suggests that many food-derived phytochemicals enhance the body’s protective mechanisms, helping to remove carcinogens from the body, repair DNA damage and maximally fuel our immune system
  • a dietary portfolio that utilizes the foods with the most powerful and consistent findings to fight cancer, slow aging and extend human lifespan

Daily exercise guide with videos

  • exercises to develop muscles, build bone, boost weight loss, improve overall energy and improve your mood
  • focused on strengthening your core, burning visceral fat, building bone and protecting you from falls in later life

One-month FREE Platinum membership*

  • access to recipes and a variety of meal plans
  • access to members’-only content
  • connect with Dr. Fuhrman and Dr. Benson in the Ask the Doctor forum

Course materials are at your fingertips

  • classroom opens April 26, 2021 so you can prepare in advance
  • classroom is available any time, from anywhere, on your mobile device or computer
  • 20-day downloadable meal plan with recipes 
  • an abridged digital version of Dr. Fuhrman’s book Eat For Health
  • guided learning modules to reinforce the concepts in Eat for Health with supplemental video presentations, articles and optional assessments  
  • private discussion board for shared experiences and support 
  • access to the recorded Zoom sessions with Dr. Fuhrman and staff experts

    The classroom will remain open until June 30, 2021, so you can continue learning after you complete the 3-week menu plan.

PLUS...You'll be eligible to enter Dr. Fuhrman's Annual Weight Loss Challenge

Take your detox experience to the next level! Apply what you’ve learned, and track your progress with monthly check-ins (weight, measurements, and photos) in the online classroom.
Lose 5 (or more) BMI points and win a gift box hand-picked by Dr. Fuhrman, chosen from the items in the shop at DrFuhrman.com. 

As long as you remain in the Weight Loss Challenge contest, by following the official rules and successfully completing the monthly weigh-ins on the 5th of each month, you will retain classroom access and continue to enjoy complimentary Platinum membership for the duration of the contest period. You will also have access to participate in monthly support Zoom meetings with our food addiction counselor.

See official rules for details.

Details and registration for the challenge can be found in the classroom and is available exclusively to all Weight Loss Detox participants.

Cost: $425.00  

Review the Authorization and Consent terms.

* All fees are non-refundable. 

** Enrollment includes a free month of PLATINUM membership to DrFuhrman.com for all participants, including current members. Details to activate membership are available in the classroom beginning April 26, 2021. Complimentary membership must be activated by May 23, 2021, or it will be forfeit. After your complimentary 1-month membership is over, there will be a recurring charge of $49.95 billed monthly to the credit card you supply at checkout. If you are a current GOLD member, your account will be automatically upgraded to Platinum and your membership will automatically revert back to GOLD after your complimentary month of PLATINUM ends. Current PLATINUM members will automatically receive one additional month. You will not need to do anything. You may cancel at any time prior to your monthly renewal date by calling Customer Service at 1 (800) 474-WELL (9355). Customers outside the U.S., please call Customer service at (908) 237-2195.