Many individuals who follow the Nutritarian diet write to Dr. Fuhrman about their success. Keep in mind that results vary from person to person. As always, consult your physician if you have a medical history and/or condition that may warrant individual recommendations.

Jane's Story

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Results may vary.

Jane lost 30 pounds, is free of psoriasis and stopped taking blood pressure medication  

My husband almost died from a routine procedure, and, while in ICU with him, I decided that I wanted to be healthy and never end up in ICU myself.  I was on blood pressure medicine and had psoriasis.  I also had very high CRP (C-reactive protein).  I purchased Eat To Live and it completely changed my life. I lost 35 pounds and most of my psoriasis disappeared. My blood pressure and CPR went to normal range.  I stopped needing medications.

After following Dr. Fuhrman for two years and five months and continuing to feel great I am working on losing 20 more pounds.  But my most exciting achievement is I had a CRP of 12.8 and now it is .30 in the normal range.  My psoriasis is gone. I take no medications of any kind.  I love making up recipes to fit in the plan.  Eating is anything but dull.  It is very exciting and tasty.  Thank you Dr. Fuhrman for changing my life.

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