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Rich and Creamy Hot Cocoa

Rich and Creamy Hot Cocoa

Serves: 4

Category: Desserts
Author: Craig Ayers-Hale
Tags: Kid-Friendly

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Warm up with a comforting cup of this delightlful hot chocolate.

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1 cup pitted dates (180 grams)
3 cups soy, hemp or almond milk
2 tablespoons natural cocoa powder
1 teaspoon alcohol-free vanilla extract
1/3 cup raw cashews (50 grams)


Add all ingredients into a high-powered blender, then blend until hot. Add additional non-dairy milk if needed to adjust consistency.

Add peppermint extract, cinnamon, cayenne, or orange extract for different flavorings. Also delicious without the cashews.

Calories 252; Protein 8 g; Carbohydrates 42 g; Total Fat 8.2 g; Saturated Fat 1.5 g; Cholesterol 0 mg; Sodium 88 mg; Fiber 4.6 g; Beta-Carotene 6 ug; Vitamin C mg; Calcium 250 mg; Iron 2.3 mg; Folate 11 ug; Magnesium 90 mg; Zinc 1.7 mg; Selenium 7.9 ug

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10/30/2013 09:37 PM

Rated this recipe:

Highly recommended recipe. It even matches the color of commercial hot cocoa.

If you do not have a ready-made milk, use water and raw almonds, almond butter, or hemp seeds.


11/01/2013 03:13 PM

Rated this recipe:

This is very delicious hot and cold. I refrigerated it overnight and it was like a soft mousse to eat with a spoon. I appreciate the dates and cashews listed as grams, because I could be exact, expecially when halving the recipe.


11/02/2013 01:27 PM

Rated this recipe:

This is amazingly delicious! It definitely is creamy. It was mousse like. This will become a must have on cold days.


12/31/2013 07:04 AM

Rated this recipe:

This recipes tastes delicious. I did half of all the ingredients, used 6 dates and substituted the vanilla flavoring with a half of a vanilla bean, pulp scraped out. It made about (3) 6oz cups. My kids and I enjoyed this one a lot! So creamy!


01/31/2014 03:14 PM

Rated this recipe:

Absolutely delicious! The only downside is the high calorie content which makes for a bad conscience when having this.

Elaine Garces

02/28/2014 07:11 PM

Rated this recipe:

Wow! This is delicious. Every time I have this my desire for coffee goes away. Very, very satisfying. My husband and I didn't eat lunch until much later than usual every time we have this.


03/11/2014 09:09 PM

Rated this recipe:

Yummy! I made it with 1/3 of each ingredient and it made a large serving for one. It was actually a little thicker than I am used to for cocoa so next time I will just leave out the cashews. My dates had been soaking in the fridge so were very soft and the cocoa came out absolutely smooth. Also I used freshly-made hot soy milk. It's very filling!


04/17/2014 10:32 PM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

This is soooo good. I can't stop feeling guilty for having such a rich drink.


04/17/2014 10:33 PM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

This is soooo good. I can't stop feeling guilty for having such a rich drink.


09/05/2015 05:04 PM

Rated this recipe:

Delicious! My kids loved it, too! I'm glad to have an alternative to the packaged hot chocolate mixes that we used to use.