At the Eat to Live Retreat, Amber got her life back

October 29, 2019 by Dr. Fuhrman Staff

Amber recovered her life at the Eat to Live Retreat

Amber struggled with lupus, fibromyalgia, Restless Leg Syndrome, and severe kidney stones for 17 years. She was exhausted, and had resigned herself to a life of misery and pain. When she learned about patients who had achieved incredible recoveries at Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live Retreat in San Diego, California, she booked a three-month stay. Under the care of Dr. Fuhrman and his team, she discovered the incredible, positive impact that a Nutritarian diet could have on her health. For more information about booking your stay at the ETL Retreat, call 949-432-6295. 

“For the first time in 17 years, I have hope that I can be myself again.”

Over the past 17 years, I have struggled with lupus, fibromyalgia, and severe kidney stones attacks that occurred almost monthly, necessitating recurrent surgeries and procedures. I also suffered from Meniere’s Disease, Restless Leg Syndrome, and all the many uncomfortable symptoms that come along with those.

I had gone to numerous doctors and specialist throughout the years, desperately seeking help. None of them were able to give me the answers I needed. Instead, they prescribed medications that simply  masked my symptoms. I would try everything doctors recommended to me, but nothing really worked. I just thought: This is how miserable my life is going to be.

Then, I found out about Dr. Fuhrman and his Eat to Live Retreat in San Diego. I read about the incredible recoveries taking place there, and hoped that this could be my answer for getting my life back. In spite of my apprehension and doubt, I arranged to spend three months there, under his expert care.

A different approach to health care

When I got to the retreat, I discovered that this was different from anything I had ever tried. I soon learned that eating an organic Nutritarian diet was crucial to my recovery. This super-healthful diet was something I had never tried before. It seemed very overwhelming at first, but I was taught all the tools I needed to be able to continue this when I got home. Cooking classes by the amazing chefs, hands-on training in the kitchen, grocery store tours, recipes laid out with every meal and chats with the chefs had been such a help in learning this eating lifestyle.

Dr. Fuhrman helped me taper down my medications and gave me the confidence and support I needed to do this. I could have never done this without him. The nurse, Stacey is also a gem – she helped me get quick attention for my terrible kidney stone attack that happened soon after my arrival. Thank God, that those attacks are now a thing of the past.

The healing process

Another part in my healing was participating in the exercise classes, yoga and water aerobics. Being in so much physical pain and discomfort was challenging at first. But soon I started to feel better, even to the point where I was eventually able to do long mile walks up and down hills on my own. By the end of my journey at the retreat I was a new person.

Neuromuscular therapy massages were also extremely helpful to me as well in getting my pain and discomfort under control and aided in my recovery from painful and tender muscle cramps and restless leg syndrome.  Dr. Fuhrman was right – that therapy to soften and increase my circulation to my muscles enabled the nutrients from my super-healthy diet to penetrate my painful tissues better, and flush out the lactic acid and other toxins.

Weight loss was a bonus during recovery

I lost 35 pounds during my stay at the Eat to Live retreat, which was a very nice bonus. Because I was focused on resolving my other health issues, I had no idea that would just naturally happen. When I arrived at ETLR my daily pain level was a constant 8-10. I am almost all better now. Pain has resided to a 1-3 and is not constant, giving me nice pain free days; and I am still improving.

Saying goodbye (finally) to kidney stones

In the past 10 years, I had never gone through a month without at least one kidney stone. During my first week at the Eat to Live Retreat, I ended up in the ER with an 8mm kidney stone, and I had surgery to remove it a couple of days later. There were other stones along with the 8mm one that were retrieved. I am ecstatic to say it has been over 3 months that I have not had a stone or any symptoms at all with stones!

I went into ETLR not mentioning anything about stones, because I struggle so much with other stuff. Dr. Fuhrman taught me why I produce kidney stones, and how to prevent them from forming. Most importantly, I now have the knowledge of how a nutritarian lifestyle will free me from this recurring nightmare!

Finally, a good night’s sleep

I have had a rough time with sleep due to full body pain and intense Restless Leg Syndrome. I remember being as young as 6 years old with RLS: needing my mom and dad to massage my legs in the middle of the night. I had been on a heavy medication for almost 20 years for my restless legs, and it was the only thing that could calm my legs.

I was very hesitant when I was slowly taken off these meds during my stay at ETLR. Dr. Fuhrman urged me to trust the process, and explained that it would take time to lessen and eventually eliminate my RLS. He was right – the RLS lessened, and eventually, it was gone. Now it’s not even an issue anymore, and finally being able to sleep well has been a blessing.

Filled with gratitude

As I write this, it makes me realize, more than ever, the amazing progress that I have made, thanks to my stay at the Eat to Live Retreat. Dr. Fuhrman helped me get through and overcome so many obstacles, especially when things and life had felt so hopeless for so long. I had been living moment to moment, and feeling despair as each day passed and I was getting worse and worse. Going to ETLR let me get back to being the mom and wife I once was. I am so happy to have a life that is already is a thousand times better.

I have been home now for a month and couldn’t be more thankful for the tools I was taught to be able to sustain this on my own at home. I have been continuing a Nutritarian diet, taking classes at my gym, continuing massages and staying active in all I do. I’m excited for the progress I have made and will continue! I’m so happy to have my life back. It feels amazing!

I owe a debt of thanks to Dr. Fuhrman and to his amazing staff who have helped me in my health journey. I am forever grateful to them all.


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11/09/2019 01:12 AM

I am so inspired by your testimonial, thanks so much for sharing. It renews my hope that I can experience some relief and freedom too. I'm on day 23 of ETL at home and you provided me some much needed encouragement. Thank you.


12/11/2019 06:12 PM


Wendy F.

12/12/2019 04:57 PM

I've been reading up on whole foods plant based eating since 2005. One thing I've learned over the years is how POWERFUL food can be. It can make you sick AND keep you sick or make you healthy and keep you healthy. Amber's story is an excellent testimony to the power of food to restore and heal one's body! Congratulations!! 


10/06/2021 02:25 AM

My heart is full while reading her story and testimonial. Just keep motivated and focus on your goal and nothing is impossible. I am currently working to loss weight before the year ends. Claming it now! 


10/19/2021 12:10 AM

This is ver inspiring. I am ecstatic to say it has been over 3 months that I have not had a stone or any symptoms at all with stones!


10/19/2021 09:01 PM

This article gave me a hope! I feel like this road and maybe my alcohol issues (4.5 years sober) and maybe the stress of the stress of memory concerns, maybe be NOT good for me.  and my brain and hippocampus is suffering or deteriorating.


10/20/2021 06:35 PM

Dr. Fuhrman can truly give direction to those people who lose hope. Amber experience is indeed life-changing! Congratulations!

Best regards!



10/26/2021 02:31 AM

I agree with @Davidson. When I got stressed I only read some of his article together with the comments to keep myself motivated. He is really a great help for me.


10/28/2021 11:27 AM

This is such a great story full of hope and strength. It is so great to hear Ambers story and experience. I am very glad to hear of the success and end results. It's amazing how far away the "health" industry today seems from health food and feeding your body with proper nutrients. I'm not completely against medicine but I just think there is way to much money in the industry to be made and people so easily forget that food should be the first source of health and wellness. Way to go Amber! -C.W.


11/05/2021 01:01 AM

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11/25/2021 06:00 AM

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11/25/2021 07:11 AM

OMG! I need to apply this for myself:) Well done Amber, so happy for you.


12/03/2021 06:37 AM

I wish I could get back to a healthy lifestyle too!


12/03/2021 06:42 AM

Congratulations, Miss Amber! I'm glad you did it and also enjoyed your journey!


12/03/2021 09:14 AM

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