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Encouraging & Inspiring Change:

  • By treating aging as a disease are we just prolonging the inevitable or can we change the course of our lives?
    Heart disease, dementia and cancer are avoidable and not inevitable consequence of aging if we eat a diet-style predominantly of unrefined plant foods.
  • The Three Habits of Health
    To live a healthy life, excellent nutrition, exercise and a positive mind-set are essential. As you plan for your health future, you must consider the three important components that pay the biggest dividends: nutrition, exercise, and positive mind-set.
  • “Trademarked” for Health
    Champions of Health Contest, First Place Winner - Read how Nora became a trademark for health for her family after battling her own share of health problems.
  • An Invitation for Change
    Champions of Health Contest, Second Place Winner - Read how Judy provided life-changing encouragement and support to Christine, who nominated Judy as her Champion of Health.
  • Got Green Stuff?
    Champions of Health Contest, Third Place Winner - What does a green-mustached 4-year-old have to do with inspiring a family to make better food choices? Everything! Here’s how it happened…
  • Fighting Disease with G-BOMBS
    The Nutritarian eating style is more than a strategy to lose some weight. In this article, Emily Boller encourages readers to commit to fighting disease for their families with the best arsenal of ammunition possible: G-BOMBS!
  • Have You Caught the "Extreme-itis" Bug?
    Emily Boller writes openly and honestly about the social challenges Nutritarians face when steadfastly adhering to one’s healthy food choices — especially in public.
  • Successful People Aren't Born that Way
    Emily Boller has interviewed many nutritarians throughout the years, and has revealed some startling similarities among those who are most successful at achieving their health goals. She reveals the similarities and other skills that separate those who “try” from those who flourish, as a nutritarian.
  • Imagine the Revolution!
    Emily Boller, asks readers to “Imagine the Revolution” as she envisions a society free of the financial and emotional burdens associated with a civilization in which risky behavior is condoned, and even rewarded.
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Daily Living Articles

  • Easy-to-follow plan
  • Simple, flexible, and adaptable to your food preferences & dietary needs
  • Motivational and solutions-based to break free from obstacles—so there are no excuses
  • Menus and tips for those who are too busy to cook
  • 76 nutritious, easy-to-prepare recipes with time saving suggestions for store-bought foods
  • Lower and normalize your blood pressure
  • Lower your low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol
  • Lower your weight, body fat, and waist measurements
  • Lower your fasting glucose levels and resolve diabetes (type 2)
  • Restore normal bowel function
  • Improve your immune function, lowering the risk of infection and cancer
  • Maintain your youthful vigor as you age, and age more slowly