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Daily Living Articles

Overcoming Everyday Challenges:

  • Break the Bad Habits
    Unhealthy habits can be broken, abandoned, and completely die out by replacing them with good, healthy habits; because our amazing brains have the potential to make new neural pathways!
  • Take the Next Step Toward Excellent Health
    Wherever you are in your journey, appreciate your accomplishments so far and now take one step further toward superior nutrition.
  • Stay Healthy after the Holidays
    You’ve begun to see some results; the numbers on the scale are down, and you’re feeling better. Now is not the time to slack off! Now that your body is healthier, stay strong in your commitment so that you can resist temptations down the road.
  • Eating Occasions
    Rather than eating as a means to fuel the body, many of us eat numerous times a day regardless of whether we are hungry or not. Find out why eating occasions are addictive and can be harmful to your health.
  • Is Pleasing Grandma Ruining your Health?
    Don’t compromise your health to please someone else. You CAN say, “No,” without feeling guilty. Have the courage to protect your health!
  • Get Healthy by Getting Support
    You are more likely to stay motivated and dedicated to your healthy lifestyle if you have support from friends and family members.
  • Celebrating Healthfully Away From Home
    During the holiday season, unhealthy food is everywhere, and temptation becomes greater when we are out of our routines and comfort zones. This article provides tips for planing ahead so that you can enjoy holiday gatherings and travel without compromising your health.
  • To Meet Your Health Goals, Planning is Essential
    To meet your health and weight goals, the biggest obstacle to overcome is time. By taking the time to plan out your schedule of shopping, cooking, exercise and recreation each week, you can secure a healthier and more pleasurable life, plus save a lot of money.
  • Adapting Your Favorite Foods to the Nutritarian Diet
    How do you make salad dressing without oil? Creamy sauces without dairy? Tasty burgers without meat? Brownies without sugar, eggs or butter? There are nutritarian versions of all of these foods, so you can enjoy familiar flavors in a new, healthful way.
  • Celebrate the Holidays Healthfully
    Has holiday overindulgence left you feeling unhealthy and regretful in the past? This year, don’t wait for the New Year to make a resolution. Start eating for optimal health now; instead of simply indulging in the “traditional” destructive foods, you’ll be celebrating your health and fully enjoying the special times with family and friends.
  • Survival on the Road—Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian Tips for Healthy Summer Travel
    Relishing summer vacation doesn’t mean breaking your commitment to the nutrient-dense diet style. Review Dr. Fuhrman’s time-tested tips and tricks for healthy holiday travel — before you hit the road.
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Daily Living Articles

  • Easy-to-follow plan
  • Simple, flexible, and adaptable to your food preferences & dietary needs
  • Motivational and solutions-based to break free from obstacles—so there are no excuses
  • Menus and tips for those who are too busy to cook
  • 76 nutritious, easy-to-prepare recipes with time saving suggestions for store-bought foods
  • Lower and normalize your blood pressure
  • Lower your low-density lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol
  • Lower your weight, body fat, and waist measurements
  • Lower your fasting glucose levels and resolve diabetes (type 2)
  • Restore normal bowel function
  • Improve your immune function, lowering the risk of infection and cancer
  • Maintain your youthful vigor as you age, and age more slowly