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Got Green Stuff?

Third Place Winner

Champions of Health are those people that have been so impacted by the effects that the Nutritarian diet-style has had on their own health and lives that they have chosen to share their knowledge and experiences to help others and pay it forward. A Champion of Health becomes a catalyst of change, helping friends, family, co-workers and communities understand how they can take control of their own health destiny. During the 2013 Holiday Health Fest we asked members of Dr. Fuhrman’s Member Center to submit their best Champion of Health story or to nominate someone else as their Champion. Carol was our third place winner. Here is her story:

What does a green-mustached 4-year-old have to do with inspiring a family to make better food choices? Everything! Here’s how it happened…

Rewind 63 years. Having wrestled with food addiction for as long as I can remember, four years ago I heard of Dr. Fuhrman’s book, Eat to Live. I read it, followed it, and needing to lose 100 plus pounds, the weight poured off of me. I then began traveling with my business, and little by little, bite by bite, the addiction returned, and I was back at square one. Fast forward to September 2012. Having recovered from a hip replacement in 2011, I started working out with a personal trainer. That was the beginning. I started to get stronger, but did not lose weight.

So mid-November 2012, I committed again to follow the Eat to Live plan. And, as I like to tell people, “I haven’t had a cookie since November 2012. Not because I fought the urge, but because I haven’t WANTED one!” Thanks to Dr. Fuhrman’s Member Center Discussion Forum, I read tips for traveling wisely, and most importantly, posts about the science behind and the perils of taking “one bite.”

I am now an experiential believer. Having lost 55 pounds, I’m on the road for another 55 this year. Most of all, I’m free and my life is changed forever. I must give thanks to God for leading me to Eat to Live and helping me walk in this truth. A life-long addiction is conquered.

Enter Christmas, New Years and my birthday — all packed into the last week of 2013. I went to Chicago to spend a week with my sister’s family, their kids and their kids’ kids. My sister was gracious and allowed me to prepare and eat “my food.” They have a Vitamix machine, but had never used it. So, I went for it. I arrived armed with supplies: beans, several portions of frozen soup I’d made, and one day’s ration of what I affectionately call “Green Stuff.” Green Stuff is a green smoothie. I start each day with one.

My plan for the holiday? Eat how I need to eat. Make enough food so others can partake if they care to. Period. Could others in my family benefit from eating the Eat to Live way? You bet! But actions speak louder than words. Let’s see what happens. Each day I make Green Stuff. My sister joins me with a glass, but her husband turns down my offer to share. Then mid-week my nephew, his wife, and two young sons arrive.

Here we go! The next morning, both of my grandnephews (2 and 4 years old) eagerly help me make the Green Stuff. They climb up on their chairs, add each ingredient, turn on and off the Vitamix. It’s a party! And we’ve got Green Stuff: spinach, kale, apples, banana, celery, tomato, pineapple, flaxseed and ice. Yum!

Yes — YUM! The boys drink it and love it! Their parents quickly take some, my sister, and even my brother-in-law tries it, saying, “It’s not bad.” We repeat this scenario the next morning! Only instead of kale, we use collard greens. Whoa. And everyone still likes it! I watched the chain reaction: A young boy took the first sip, then his brother, then his parents, then my sister, then her husband. Beautiful. My hopes are realized.

The holidays over, our family members travel home. Back in New York, I wake on New Year’s Day to a phone call from my sister, “Remind me how to make Green Stuff?”

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