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Banana Walnut Dressing

Banana Walnut Dressing

Serves: 2

Category: Salads, Dressings, Dips and Sauces
Tags: Athletic/Higher caloric, Kid-Friendly

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A little sweet and a little tangy.....this dressing has so many possibilities. Toss it with mixed greens, create a kale salad or use it as a dip for fresh fruit.

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2 bananas
2 tablespoons walnuts
2 tablespoons raisins
1/4 cup Dr. Fuhrman’s Riesling Reserve Vinegar or other fruit flavored vinegar


Blend all ingredients in a high-powered blender until smooth and creamy.

Calories 163; Protein 2 g; Carbohydrates 35 g; Sugars 20 g; Total Fat 3 g; Saturated Fat 0.4 g; Cholesterol 0 mg; Sodium 3 mg; Fiber 3.7 g; Beta-Carotene 31 ug; Vitamin C 11 mg; Calcium 16 mg; Iron 0.6 mg; Folate 28 ug; Magnesium 41 mg; Potassium 508 mg; Zinc 0.3 mg; Selenium 1.6 ug

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03/02/2007 10:05 PM

Rated this recipe:

I'm pleasantly surprised how much I enjoy this dressing. This recipe is a keeper!


12/04/2007 02:37 PM

Rated this recipe:

I had low expectations for this combination but was very pleasantly surprised. It is incredibly good
with greens and peppers, radishes, carrots etc. I'll be making this on a regular basis as it is so
easy and NO garlic required.


01/13/2008 10:46 AM

Rated this recipe:

Thick and creamy. So easy with the Vitamix I received for Christmas (better than jewelry!).

Atlanta RD

08/13/2008 01:05 PM

Rated this recipe:

Very yummy! Low fat and full of flavor. My 2 year old loved dipping in her cucumber, carrots and snow peas.


12/05/2010 02:58 PM

Rated this recipe:

I liked this on the Healthy Slaw recipe.


07/23/2011 07:33 PM

Rated this recipe:

I used the Blueberry vinegar. WOW!..delicious!


12/15/2011 04:45 PM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

How long can you store this in a fridge? Won't spoil right?

wilma stroh

03/10/2012 09:19 PM

Rated this recipe:

I made this dressing, and we both love it. My husband is usually not a fan of homemade dressings, but he liked this one. I'm enjoying lots of the recipes and am cooking healthy!


03/19/2012 05:47 PM

Rated this recipe:

I put some crumbled raw walnuts in my salad and feel like I'm eating banana walnut bread. Yummy!!! This is my go to dressing, because it is so easy to make and it's delicious.
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12/14/2012 09:22 AM

Rated this recipe:

This took me three minutes to make and I loved it! My husband thought it was too sweet and will not want to eat it again, preferring a balsamic vinegarette or something of that order. I can't believe it, because I just gobbled my salad down ,it was so good! 5 stars from me, Paul gives it 4 stars because its a good recipe but just not for everybody's taste. What is? :)


03/13/2013 01:58 PM

Rated this recipe:

This recipe was great and my husband and I plan to make it again.


09/05/2013 07:19 PM

Rated this recipe:

My kids really enjoyed this simply mixed into red quinoa. Will do again and pack for snack! It is sweet - I used it over a fruit salad (blueberries, watermelon, pumpkin seeds and chopped kale) and it worked great.