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Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse

Aquafaba Chocolate Mousse

Serves: 3

Category: Desserts

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Looking for a treat? Aquafaba makes a fabulous light and fluffy chocolate mousse.

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1 cup baked sweet potato, peeled
1/2 cup frozen cherries
1/2 cup frozen blueberries
1/2 cup natural cocoa powder
6 regular dates or 3 Medjool dates
1 cup whipped aquafaba (see note)


Blend potato, cherries, blueberries, cocoa powder and dates in a high-powered blender until smooth and creamy. Transfer to a bowl and gently fold in whipped aquafaba.

Note: To make whipped aquafaba, use a hand beater or stand mixer to whip together 3/4 cup chickpea liquid (liquid from a 15 ounce can) and 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar. Whip for 5 minutes or until mixture forms stiff peaks. (This will yield more than one cup. Leftover whipped aquafaba will keep overnight in the refrigerator if you want to use it for another recipe)

Calories 184; Protein 5 g; Carbohydrates 46 g; Sugars 25 g; Total Fat 2.4 g; Saturated Fat 1.2 g; Cholesterol 0 mg; Sodium 28 mg; Fiber 9.7 g; Beta-Carotene 7836 ug; Vitamin C 14 mg; Calcium 64 mg; Iron 2.8 mg; Folate 15 ug; Magnesium 106 mg; Potassium 748 mg; Zinc 1.3 mg; Selenium 2.2 ug

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06/05/2017 12:26 AM

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Tasted very good! Had a mousse texture and fruity chocolate taste.


10/28/2017 01:34 AM

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Thank you very much. Could you please clarify what is whipped aquafaba? A can of what do you need to use?

Where do you get cream of tartar?

tsl52 replies:

10/28/2017 01:44 AM

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Cream of tartar is available at most grocery stores with their other spices.

Rebeccak replies:

10/29/2017 12:29 AM

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It’s 3/4 cup of liquid from one 15 ounce can if chickpeas. 


11/14/2017 04:18 AM

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So healthy. So delicious. Thank you for this wonderful recipe, Dr. Fuhrman.

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11/22/2017 08:12 PM

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This recipe worked out wonderfully and tastes awesome.  It has that bitter-sweet taste that I've always loved in dark chocolate back in the day when I use to eat gourmet dark chocolate bars.  It's hard to believe how healthy it is!  I served it for dessert on Thanksgiving, and it was the rave of the dinner.  :)


03/30/2018 08:38 PM

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Was absolutely fantastic!