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Apple Bok Choy Salad

Apple Bok Choy Salad

Serves: 3

Category: Salads, Dressings, Dips and Sauces
Tags: Anti-Cancer/High Micronutrient, Diabetes Reversal

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Apples and bok choy may sound like a strange combination but this salad will convince you they belong together. This recipe is a keeper!

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6 cups finely chopped bok choy
1 large apple, shredded
1 large carrot, shredded
1/2 cup chopped red onion
1/2 cup unsweetened soy, hemp or almond milk
1/2 cup raw cashews or 1/4 cup raw cashew butter
1/4 cup balsamic vinegar
1/2 cup raisins
1 teaspoon Dijon mustard
1 teaspoon caraway seeds


Combine bok choy, apple, carrot and chopped onion in a large bowl.

Blend non-dairy milk, cashews, vinegar, raisins, mustard and caraway seeds in a food processor or high- powered blender. Add desired amount to chopped vegetables.

Calories 330; Protein 11 g; Carbohydrates 52 g; Sugars 32 g; Total Fat 11.7 g; Saturated Fat 2 g; Cholesterol 0 mg; Sodium 246 mg; Fiber 7.9 g; Beta-Carotene 9517 ug; Vitamin C 134 mg; Calcium 396 mg; Iron 4.9 mg; Folate 204 ug; Magnesium 149 mg; Potassium 1317 mg; Zinc 2.3 mg; Selenium 6.9 ug

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04/19/2011 12:07 PM

Rated this recipe:

This is delicious. I spread it over my salad for lunch. I substituted the cashews with almond butter and used a different mustard but in my experience these will not make too much of a difference.


04/21/2011 07:04 AM

Rated this recipe:

This was wonderful! everyone enjoyed-will make again!


10/23/2011 12:12 AM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

This is soo good i have this on a regular basis. 5 star rated
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12/31/2011 12:37 PM

Rated this recipe:

This is fantastic. Made it for a New Years party!


01/17/2012 08:25 PM

Rated this recipe:

Fabulous salad! The dressing is incredible- my daughter wanted to eat it right out of the Vitamix. I did not have enough bok choy so used 1/2 young chard and it was perfect. First time I have eaten raw chard- very yummy in this salad.


02/15/2012 02:59 AM

Rated this recipe:

I waited until my almost 3 year old took a bite to see what her reactions were going to be, as I was sure I wasn't going to like it. She was so proud that she helped to make it. Hmmm.....proved me wrong, it was really really good, but will not shred the bok choy in the food processor in the future. ALOT of water was at the bottom, probably lost a ton of nutrients. Will be making it again this week.


04/27/2012 11:00 PM

Rated this recipe:

This was so refreshing! The dressing was so good that I think I will make extra next time to use on green salads. Yum!


05/08/2012 05:31 PM

Rated this recipe:

Enjoyed the sweet, nutty taste! Delicious!
Julienned apple and carrot instead of
grating to see nice colorful bite size
pieces in salad.Slices of red onion
instead of chopping looks nicer also.


05/08/2012 05:46 PM

Rated this recipe:

This is delicious! I will definitely be making this on a regular basis AND I'm now going to grow bok choy in my garden so I have plenty!


05/17/2012 06:37 PM

Rated this recipe:

A delicious, refreshing salad. After a big serving, my husband and I both reached for the bowl for a second. It's sort of addicting.


06/07/2012 09:36 AM

Rated this recipe:

While I did feel that I was chopping Bok Choy forever, it was worth it. This is a really nice side dish, and would be a great alternative to slaw for any summer gathering (especially because it makes such a large amount). I was stunned when my husband gave it the thumbs up too, as he is a very picky eater!


06/11/2012 09:33 PM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

Winner! I have made it 3 times in the last 2 weeks! I realized the dressing would be a good dressing to makeover the classic raw broccoli salad with NO bacon, unsalted sunflowrer seeds and craisins. Did it and it was just like the original but without the mayo!


06/12/2012 10:08 PM

Rated this recipe:

This was my first time trying Bok Choy and I couldn't have picked a better recipe and dressing. Delicious! I'll be making this again and again.


12/07/2012 09:29 AM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

I've never used bok choy before. Do you use both the white stalks and green leaves?

vaporz replies:

09/09/2019 11:30 PM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

You better believe it! 


12/07/2012 11:20 AM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

yes, use it all.


12/12/2012 11:56 AM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

Made this last nite. Excellent! I ripped up the bok choy by hand and used a chopping device given to me by my sis for the apples & onions - you load the item and press down and it chops the stuff in one motion. Anyway....I used almond butter, no milk, and a blueberry-fig vinegar. Used honey crisp apples. I think it's good enough for me to make it for my coworkers for our annual christmas pot-luck luncheon. Update 8/9/2013 - Made this for coworker BBQ-happy to see it was devoured in record time! On coworker said "The salad was good!...Those were apples??" I used pink ladys this time.
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01/01/2013 11:05 AM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

I have made this several times and it's a hit. Even my husband, who loves fruit, but NOT in his salad, gave it his approval!


01/09/2013 01:48 PM

Rated this recipe:

My husband and I tried this and both LOVED it! Delicious. I used a Ninja device to chop up the bok choy and the onions and it turned out great! My husband, who, like vegilover13's huband, does not like fruit in his salad, loved the apple in this. A hit that he has insisted that we have "at least once a week!"


01/16/2013 01:35 PM

Rated this recipe:

Who ever thought you could eat raw bok choy? It's so crunchy and juicy. I thought the dressing might be too sweet, but I really enjoyed the combination. Raw bok choy seems to taste milder than cooked, but I love it either way. Not missing the salt or anything with this salad.


02/28/2013 04:08 PM

Rated this recipe:

This is one of the very best salads I've ever had. The combination of fruit and vegetable is just right.


03/04/2013 10:12 PM

Rated this recipe:

I adore this salad! I reserve a bit of dressing for the next day to dip raw vegetables in. This is a winning salad and I can see eating it every couple weeks for sure.


03/19/2013 02:45 AM

Rated this recipe:

Just made this and I like it! It's very different for me and the first time I've ever made anything with bok choy. This will be wonderful in the summer. I will use a sweeter apple next time (I used tart green apples this time) but it was still quite good. The dressing is excellent and would be good in any slaw recipe. Thank you for a great recipe!


05/03/2013 05:48 PM

Rated this recipe:

This was delicious. I used two medium apples and two carrots and eliminated the onion and it was wonderful. The whole family liked it.


06/04/2013 08:38 PM

Rated this recipe:

This was excellent. I used a fuji apple and added a bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice to the dressing. My fiance and I both loved it!


09/24/2013 01:13 PM

Rated this recipe:

Here's my crazy variation: alternative dressing - lime juice, peanut butter and fresh ginger...ZESTY!!


10/28/2013 05:48 PM

Rated this recipe:

The first time I made this, I thought it was delicious. I used sunflower seeds instead of cashews because my husband is allergic to cashews. It was yummy, but kind of ugly. The dressing was brown and unattractive. Today I made it again. I used golden raisins and white balsamic. And, of course, sunflower seeds. It is so pretty now! The dressing is cream colored, and lovely.


12/17/2013 09:58 PM

Rated this recipe:

Very delicious! All the ingredients complement each other very well! We think adding sunflower seeds on top of it would be good. I will be using this recipe often! Thanks!
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01/09/2014 08:45 PM

Rated this recipe:

Love this salad. Ran out of carrots earlier in the week for another stew, so used an artichoke instead. Sill delicious. It's the dressing.


03/18/2014 02:16 PM

Rated this recipe:

I took this salad to a St. Patrick's Day potluck! It was a hit! Will definitely keep it as a unique pot-luck or anytime salad! I chopped rather than shredded the carrots & apples as others have done; my only concern was for the apples turning brown, since I had to make the salad mid-day to be eaten in the evening. I stirred the apples around in the "dressing" hoping that apples would get covered by the balsamic enough to not turn "ugly". They didn't turn "ugly", but I will try white balsamic in the future- didn't know there was such a thing...


04/27/2014 07:39 PM

Rated this recipe:

I'm rating this 5 stars based on the original version of the recipe, and not the current version that is printed here. The original version had half as much raisins as the current version, and no caraway seeds. My husband loved the original recipe, but won't eat the current version. I'm having to eat it all myself! It is okay, but not nearly as good as the original.


05/05/2014 04:21 PM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

Love this recipe! This and the Asian Vegetable Stirfry are my favourite recipes.


05/07/2014 01:30 PM

Rated this recipe:

Received this recipe today on the Daily Member Center Recipe's and used it to make my lunch. Substituted almonds and 1/2 tsp of caraway seeds in the dressing on kale and spinach with red onion, apples and strawberries. A winner; awarding five stars!


05/14/2014 01:15 PM

Rated this recipe:

Delicious, the recipe makes extra dressing so you can increase the salad by 1.5 to 2 times or save some dressing for another batch


05/19/2014 01:44 PM

Rated this recipe:

The caraway was a touch too powerful for me - it's yummy as a side dish but a bit much to eat a whole bowl of. I think I'll try again with less caraway and swap out balsamic for another type of vinegar. Or maybe Claudia's recommendation above will work. Still a fun recipe to try, I think I'll be making it again with those few mods. Thanks!


06/17/2014 02:03 PM

Rated this recipe:

This is one of my favorite salads to have for family, or for a unique pot luck dinner salad. It ALWAYS gets rave reviews, has a GREAT TASTE amd GREAT CRUNCH!....also this salad dressing is one that I use over and over, a favorite by all who have tasted it!
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07/13/2014 04:13 PM

Rated this recipe:

This is one of my new favorites, very refreshing and just right for summer. I didn't have caraway seeds so left them out. Also didn't have regular balsamic vinegar but had some that was apple/cranberry which I think added an extra zing- just perfect! And I will definitely use this dressing on other salads. It's easy and delicious. My store bought bunch of bok choy ran a little short, though, so I added a few spring greens. It's also a pretty salad and will be great to take to parties.


07/20/2014 08:19 PM

Rated this recipe:

Made exactly according to the recipe, but decided to taste the dressing before adding the disputed caraway seeds. So glad I did, because I thought it was perfect without them. Maybe some day I will try it with them. What a nice, refreshing change of salad this is, like a gourmet cole slaw. I would proudly bring this to a cookout.


01/26/2015 07:02 PM

Rated this recipe:

The rating is for the dressing, as I used it on a regular salad with lettuce, etc. Dressing is fantastic.


02/18/2015 10:15 PM

Rated this recipe:

Both my son and I thought it was delicious! A five star recipe for sure! I changed two things in the recipe. First, I marinated the chopped red onion in the balsamic vinegar for ten minutes (a trick I learned from a woman who used to work at the Moosewood Restaurant, it "sweetens" the onion), then included the onion in the dressing. The second thing I did differently was to add three grated beets that I had previously roasted. As a result the salad had a lovely pinkish tinge. Definitely one to make again....and again!
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05/11/2015 11:58 AM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

This is amazing. I never tried bok choy before. I'm hooked now. I also made a lunch of it with mixed greens on the bottom and this salad acting as a kind of dressing for them.


09/05/2015 08:56 PM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

This is delicious! I could eat it without the dressing.


11/18/2015 10:25 PM

Rated this recipe:



08/08/2016 08:00 PM

Rated this recipe:

This is SO GOOD!!! I used the recipe that Claudia wrote above - I left out the caraway seeds and used half the amount or raisins. It was great! To serve, I put it in a little metal one cup measurer and tapped it out on the plates. It looked very appealing like in the picture. Also, we added a few chopped walnuts to our second serving. We loved it both with and without the walnuts. Will definitely make again!
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09/30/2016 12:58 PM

Rated this recipe:

I got this recipe from one of Dr.'s books and have made it many times. It's really crunchy and refreshing. My non-nutritarian husband gave it an A+! I often add extra veggies such as red bell pepper and sugar snap peas, and sprinkle sesame seeds instead of carraway.


12/04/2017 11:47 AM

Rated this recipe:

This is delicious! My SAD eatin", vinegar hatin" husband said "mmm, this is tasty!"


01/30/2018 07:19 PM

Rated this recipe:

This is a delicious salad that is fast and easy to make. I only used a small amount of the dressing because my husband and I do not like overly dressed salads (so saving the rest for another salad or two). I was thinking about adding some beans to it as I was eating - may try that next time. This is defiantly going into my wheel-house!


05/03/2019 05:28 PM

Rated this recipe:

This is a very good tasting salad.

I have used the dressing sparingly because I don't care for overly dressed salads. As such, the dressing has been spread over 4 - 5 salads.

I am going to try eating this for breakfast as it is a pleasant blend of savory and sweet.


09/09/2019 11:38 PM

Rated this recipe:

I was so excited about this recipe — right up to the caraway seeds, not a fan. Think I’ll try it with ... poppy? sunflower? cardamom?


09/11/2019 06:42 PM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

Pretty tasty, I didn't add the almond milk to the dressing and added garlic instead to give it more kick. Not bad! 


09/11/2019 07:42 PM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

Yep, I'm gonna make this again real soon.  So good!! 


09/13/2019 04:52 PM

Rated this recipe:

My store did not have bok choy, so I used napa cabbage.  It was very good, but I think I will chop the apples next time instead of grating them.  So the napa cabbage could be the reason I wasn't crazy about it.  But I wonder, In the nutrients, you mentioned 330 calories.  Is this per serving or the entire salad?



09/17/2019 10:57 AM

Rated this recipe:

 Loved the crunchiness and the sweetness. I would make this again. Gave it a 5 star. 


09/27/2019 10:28 PM

Rated this recipe:

This is a keeper. My husband had thirds!


09/28/2019 02:52 PM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

Have made this recipe a number of times and it's always awesome! Interesting results when, with the same basic recipe, different types of bok choy were used. I've used the "traditional" bok choy, baby bok choy and, a new variety at the farmstand in my area, red bok choy. For me, the overall sweetness and flavor increases from traditional to baby to red bok choy.  

This comment was last edited on 09/28/2019 02:58 PM


01/26/2020 06:27 PM

Rated this recipe: (no rating)

I'm looking forward to trying this after reading all the rave reviews. Bought bok choy today for the first time ever. I have a question, though - how long can I expect this to be good after it's prepared? Is it going to get all runny and soggy after a couple of days in the fridge?