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 Harmful Prenatals and Multivitamins  
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Vitamin D During Pregnancy Affects the Health of Mother and Child
Pregnant women need adequate vitamin D, since it is important for the baby's bone development during pregnancy.

Excess Iron and Copper Contribute to Chronic Disease and Aging
Iron and copper are essential minerals, but excess can contribute to heart disease and dementia.

Do Multivitamins Cause Women More Harm Than Good?
A study of women in Sweden found that those who took multivitamins regularly were more likely to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Most multivitamins contain a combination of helpful and potentially harmful ingredients; which ingredients should women look for (and which should they avoid) when choosing a multivitamin?

Multivitamins: Ingredients to Avoid
Certain nutrients are beneficial when provided by whole foods, but may be harmful in supplement form.

Most Prenatals & Multivitamins may be doing more harm than good
Women may be endangering their health or the health of their unborn children by using conventional supplements. Most prenatal and multivitamins have potentially harmful ingredients that could negatively affect them.

Think all Multivitamins are created equal? Think again!
Certain vitamins, in general, are simply harmful! Dr. Fuhrman's goal in creating his multivitamin and mineral supplement is to first "do no harm" and second provide a "best in class" multi that will top off a good diet.

The Dangers of Folic Acid in Multivitamins and Prenatal Vitamins
Folic acid supplementation is dangerous for everyone, but especially pregnant women. Women who take supplemental folic acid increase their breast cancer risk by 20-30%, according to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.















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