Many individuals who follow the Nutritarian diet write to Dr. Fuhrman about their success. Keep in mind that results vary from person to person. As always, consult your physician if you have a medical history and/or condition that may warrant individual recommendations.

Lee's Story

Lee was fighting a losing battle with her weight, arthritis and psoriasis; now she lost 90 pounds, her pain is gone and she can run up steps  

I have spent most of my adult life dieting, yo-yoing up and down.  I tried every program and book out there; Weight Watchers, Diet Workshop, Nutri-Systems, juice fasting, you name it I probably did it.  

In 2012 my health was starting to become a real issue for me.  The osteoarthritis in my hands, knees and left foot (originally misdiagnosed as psoriatic arthritis) was making me miserable.  I also was having psoriasis outbreaks on my feet so severe it would cause cracking and bleeding.  This made my job as a secretary very unpleasant.  I "retired" early for health reasons at the age of 56. I was hobbling around like an old woman.  Stairs were something I took slowly. I continued to gain weight after retiring.  By January of 2014 I was 222.5 pounds.  I knew I needed to do something so I started walking but it was slow and painful. I tried a juice fast and lost 19 pounds, but was so sick of juice by the end that it catapulted me back into "comfort foods."

My sister recommended Eat To Live. I wanted to just skip to the back and get to it, but I made myself read the book and began to get a real understanding of what I was doing to my body and my health.  I was responsible for my situation and I had the power to change.  I started the program in June 2014.  I lost 90 pounds. While the damage to my joints in my fingers is still visible the pain is gone. I walk four miles a day (in an hour!) and work out with weights at home to build muscle and bone mass.  At my annual health screening for my health insurance I stunned the nurse when she saw my numbers compared to just eight months ago.  Everything was better; cholesterol, glucose, triglycerides. At almost 59 I feel and look better than I ever have.  I have energy, no psoriasis, no pain and I can run up stairs.  I have learned how to feed my body what it needs and also earned some really fabulous new recipes. Dr. Fuhrman is absolutely right.  Food can heal the body.  I am proof of that!

Results may vary.

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