Reverse and Eliminate High Blood Pressure and High Cholesterol Forever

July 11, 2017 by Joel Fuhrman, MD

On Saturday, July 22, 2017, I will be in Flemington, N.J. speaking about how high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease can be reversed and normalized using food, not drugs. Join me, as I explain why nutritional excellence is 100 times more effective at preventing future heart attacks and strokes compared to medication. Drugs are not only relatively ineffective at preventing heart attacks, but they can actually be dangerous to your long-term health.

Come and learn as we discuss how nutritional intervention can be a positive, powerful force in our lives. Just as a poor diet contributes to so many diseases, a superior diet can reverse illness and lead to substantially better health. Those adopting a Nutritarian diet enter a new Bue Zone of centenarians. Blue Zones are five regions in the world where researchers have found the highest concentrations of centenarians. Advances in nutritional science can enable all of us to push the envelope of human longevity, while retaining full mental acuity, thereby developing new Blue Zones.

To help you in your efforts to regain superior health, each registrant for my seminar will receive a complimentary digital copy of my new program, Transformation 20 Blood Pressure and Cholesterol (a $15.95 value). It outlines my aggressive plan to significantly lower your blood pressure and cholesterol in less than three weeks through changes to your diet. This unique 20-day program provides meal plans, grocery lists, recipes and a private Facebook group for added support. For those who strictly follow the plan, it becomes a clear and certain pathway to better health.

On the morning of my seminar, health screening tests are available to give you immediate insight into your current health status and serve as a benchmark to track your future health progress.

I hope you can attend this special summer event. It is my hope that those who come out to learn practical information about specific foods and supplements will leave inspired to incorporate dietary changes into their own lives and start to build a strong foundation for superior health.


Joel Fuhrman, M.D. is a board-certified family physician, seven-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural healing, who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional methods. Dr. Fuhrman coined the term “Nutritarian” to describe his longevity-promoting, nutrient dense, plant-rich eating style.
For over 30 years, Dr. Fuhrman has shown that it is possible to achieve sustainable weight loss and reverse heart disease, diabetes and many other illnesses using smart nutrition. In his medical practice, and through his books and PBS television specials, he continues to bring this life-saving message to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.


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07/13/2017 03:27 PM

Will this be available via a book or DVD  for those who cannot attend this conference?

Coachbob4816 replies:

07/14/2017 06:17 AM

Please send me info on how to purchase DVD. 

Thank you,


Dr. Ferreri replies:

07/14/2017 09:30 AM

The event will be filmed and then offered as a video on demand in the shop section of the website. 


07/13/2017 03:57 PM

Could you come to Austin, TX, and do a conference here?


07/13/2017 05:33 PM

I would love to attend, but live 5 hours away. Any online program? Ditto on the DVD.


07/13/2017 06:41 PM

Would love to hear this subject but on the west side of the country. Would love a webinar option with a digital down load of the book!


07/13/2017 07:50 PM

We live in Hawaii. Will this be available online?


07/13/2017 08:23 PM

I have been hoping for years that Dr Fuhrman would address high blood pressure in detail. Like many others, I can't reach that location. Please,please, put out a book or DVD or both on lowering high blood pressure.



07/13/2017 09:00 PM

Live on the West Coast. Wish I could attend. Have been waiting for specifics on addressing high blood pressure without medication. Please make the seminar available online with materials. Thank you. 

Randi Carbone

07/13/2017 09:50 PM

The Seminar will be taped and made available at a later date.

jallard30 replies:

11/09/2017 11:37 AM

I would love to see this information on DVD.  I need immediate help with my blood pressure and cholesterol problems. 


07/14/2017 05:13 AM

I would love to attend some of these lecturers. I was wondering if Dr. Fuhrman will ever have these types of presentations in Florida. There is that new place in Boca Raton. 

Thank you

Jeanette Farw


07/14/2017 01:16 PM

Since this is a topic on blood pressure...  Could you recommend an 'at home' blood pressure monitor that is accurate?  Every time I find one that I think I will like, there are a ton of negative comments saying how inaccurate they are.  Can you address how to calibrate or know when a blood pressure monitor is off?  And frankly, I don't trust what the Dr. office uses either - they take one reading as soon as I sit down, huffing and puffing to keep up with the technician in getting to the exam room, and don't take readings lying down, or in both arms.  The only way I believe I can monitor this and manage it myself is to have an at home cuff that is trustworthy.

margaretha replies:

07/15/2017 12:00 AM

Take your monitor with u to the dr and  they will compare the readings. The home by monitor is fine if close to drs


07/15/2017 12:11 AM

I am happy you are discussing the subject on diet and high BP. I read your book Eat to Live and it's taken me a few years (4), to get serious about following the advice but am happy to report I am feeling so much better, have gained back energy, am not as out of breath walking as previously. My husband very supportive of this way of healthy eating and does it with me 😊 I started at 210 and am down to 193. . The weight is coming off the way it went on....gradually and I'm totally happy with that!  Vegetables fruit and beans the way to go! I've kept the regime very simple so I don't give up .  Weekend we may have meat in our meal but back to program 100% on the weekdays. I would like to thank you very much for the time and research that was done to help the picture to be clear regarding healthy eating. I've read, researched and compared many other programs and felt they were too cumbersome ( counting, points, special recipes,etc). I am too busy to do any of that!  Simple simple simple.... thAnk you thank you thank you🤗

jschum3745 replies:

07/23/2017 12:00 AM

Boy, you said it perfectly!! Can never thank this man enough. Literally saving my life! And the seminar today was amazing!! 


07/17/2017 08:58 AM

What time should we get there to participate in the health screening?


sarah17 replies:

07/22/2017 09:38 AM

I know its very last minute but is it too late to pre register and attend todays event?

Randi Carbone

07/22/2017 12:03 PM

It is not too late. You can register today at the door! 


07/22/2017 08:31 PM

What a terrific experience!! Dr. F is so knowledgeable and amazing to listen to. Loved every second of it. I did have a question that I'm hoping someone can direct me to get an answer to..I have diabetes and high BP/cholesterol..which T20 is best for me? I got the T20 from the seminar today.

Thank you!!


07/24/2017 11:17 AM

I drove over 6 hours for this event, it was worth it!!!     I would do it again. 



11/09/2017 11:54 AM

Can your eating plan help my daughter who suffers from MS every day of her life.  She is young and so far, treatment is not working for her.  Please help!

Randi Carbone replies:

11/13/2017 10:06 AM

Yes, I am happy to say Dr. Fuhrman has helped people with MS. I suggest you consider making an appointment to see Dr. Benson at our wellness center here  in NJ   908 237 0200. If this is not possible you can perhaps  join the Member Center to communicate with our   Doctors in the Ask the Doctor forum. I also suggest you both read Super Immunity . 

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11/09/2017 12:40 PM


07/23/2020 07:43 PM

I am trying to stay off losartan but my blood pressure is around 135/85 some days and 117/70 other days and I have an irregular heartbeat. Any suggestions on getting off the blood pressure medication?