Dr. Fuhrman Answers the Top Questions He Is Asked Most

May 17, 2017 by Joel Fuhrman, MD

In this Q&A, Dr. Fuhrman talks about what he eats on the average day, and whether or not he indulges in between-meal snacks (answer: rarely). Find out about his exercise routine, and how he stays fit when traveling for his many TV, radio and lecture appearances. He also tackles questions about saturated fat, artificial sweeteners, so-called “energy” foods and why the Nutritarian diet is the most effective way to eat for excellent health.

What do you eat on a typical day?
A: My breakfast is usually quick, easy and simple. Most days, it’s steel-cut oats with berries, seeds and walnuts. I usually take my vegan DHA+EPA Purity supplement along with my other supplements then, too. Note that the fat from the nuts and seeds are important when taking the supplements to facilitate absorption. 

For lunch, I have a huge salad with tomatoes, raw onions and one of my dressings made from nuts and seeds. I either will top the salad with some beans or have a vegetable bean soup on the side. I will have fruit at lunch, too. For dinner, often I will start with raw veggies and a healthy dip, followed by a cooked vegetable-based main dish made with beans or tempeh, wok greens, onions and mushrooms served with a nut-based cream sauce. I also will have one fresh fruit or a fruit-based dessert, like a berry sorbet.

If I am on the road, I will plan in advance; I’ll either find the nearest Whole Foods Market and get a big salad with beans on top or look for another market with salad items, fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables (such as frozen artichoke hearts).  I carry nuts and seeds with me in my carry bag, as well as a spoon and plastic knife to eat mangos on the road.  I’ll sometimes have some raw oat cereal such as unsweetened familia with me, and purchase some unsweetened almond or hemp on the road, and I add it to the cereal in cup in the room the night before, so it softens.  I rarely eat in restaurants as that is too time consuming, and I am generally too busy to waste 2 hours to eat a meal.

Do you ever snack?
A: Rarely. I don’t eat if not hungry.  If I am hungry I eat a whole meal, regardless of the time of day.  Spending more time in the non-fed state activates biological processes that help to prevent cancer and promote longevity. When the body is not digesting food it is most effectively detoxifying and healing. If we eat too often, we miss out on these beneficial processes. Snacking is typically recreational eating, and that means excess calories you did not need. 

I eat when I feel like eating, when I’m truly hungry, and that is not necessarily at the same times every day – if I do a tough workout one afternoon, I will probably get hungry earlier the next morning than if I didn’t exercise.  I also make an attempt to eat dinner early in the evening, and not eat late at night, so I get the longest possible overnight fast – more time in the catabolic phase.

What is your exercise program like? What’s the most effective way to exercise?
A: For early humans, exercise was a way of life. People were active most of the day.  I have been athletic all my life and I exercise and play sports a lot today.   One day I might jog or do cardio, the next day I might do weight lifting where I might focus on my arms or legs, and the following day I might play tennis. I try to mix it up, that way you don’t get bored and you are sure to focus on different sets of muscles on different days.

When I’m traveling, I even work out in the room using body weight for resistance if I don’t have access to a gym.  .Any amount of exercise you can do will be beneficial, but exercising more vigorously (for example, running rather than walking) will bring a benefit. High-intensity interval training (HIIT) is an efficient way to build fitness - a short burst (1 – 3 minutes) of increased intensity or near maximum effort then a recovery period, repeated several times – you can get a great workout even if you have little time.

In addition to building cardiorespiratory fitness, building and maintaining muscle mass is important as we age. Strong muscles help to keep bones strong and prevent falls. Exercise with impact (like running and jumping) also helps with bone strength.   

I’ve heard that saturated fat doesn’t cause heart disease, sugar does. So what’s wrong with butter?
A: The research does not indicate that saturated-fat is harmless.  Saturated fats from animal products are still linked to almost all causes of premature death. What the research actually suggests is that replacing butter, cheese and red meat with high-glycemic refined carbohydrates (such as white rice and white flour products) does not reduce heart disease risk, indicating that high-saturated-fat animal foods and refined carbohydrate foods are both detrimental to our health.

On the other hand, eating beans, nuts, and seeds (instead of butter and other high saturated-fat animal foods) is associated with a dramatic reduction in heart disease risk. Comparing fat sources, butter is not harmless and does not provide health benefits as nuts, seeds, and avocados do. I discuss the full details of the saturated fat controversy (with supportive studies) in my book The End of Heart Disease.  Remember also that dairy protein is most effective at raising  IGF-1, a hormone linked to increased cancer risk – an important reason dairy products should be minimized. That means that both low-fat diary and high fat dairy are implicated as causative factors in breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. 

Calorie-dense, full-fat dairy products contribute to elevated LDL cholesterol, and cancer risk (via IGF-1), while leaving less room for health-promoting foods such as beans, nuts, and seeds in one’s diet.  Butter is also one of the most highly contaminated foods with dangerous persistent organic pollutants like PCBs, which accumulate up the food chain in animal fat.

I understand that sugar is harmful. What about low-calorie sweeteners like stevia?
A: An important concern about non-caloric or low-calorie sweeteners is that their intense sweetness disrupts the body’s natural connection between taste and nourishment. There is evidence that regularly drinking artificially sweetened drinks is linked to enhanced appetite, weight gain, and diabetes. Excessively sweet foods keep your taste buds accustomed to that excessive sweetness, perpetuating the desire for more sweet foods, which also promotes weight gain.  [DF1]

The sweetness in fresh fruit and a limited about of dried fruits for some desserts is plenty of sweets for me.  When you consume overly sweetened foods regularly it makes real food such as fruits not taste as spectacular.  

Are there foods you eat for energy?
A: People who eat healthfully do not need special foods for energy. If you eat healthfully and get enough sleep, you have full energy available to you during your waking hours. In contrast, eating refined foods creates chronic toxicosis, which leads  to recurring fatigue and toxic hunger driving people to eat more food to halt the detoxification creating the fatigued sensations.  They have to chronically overeat just to feel like they have enough energy..

Food addicts and unhealthy eaters feel the detoxification symptoms (as fatigue) after digestion is finished, so they look to eat again for energy (which halts the detoxification, so they feel better) even though they don’t need the calories. This inevitably leads to being overweight and unhealthy.

To sum it up, when you eat a Nutritarian diet you no longer need to overeat just to feel okay, and you don’t feel the need to eat something or drink caffeine for more energy. If you need to keep your energy up, you are most certainly not eating healthfully – or maybe not getting enough sleep. Follow a high-nutrient diet that contains G-BOMBS (Greens, Beans, Onions, Mushrooms, Berries, Seeds) to protect against chronic disease, including cancer and have energy that never quits. 

When you are healthy, your body gives you simple signals that are easy to interpret.  When you need more calories you get hungry, not fatigued.  When you need more sleep, you get sleepy and when you need more fluid, you get thirsty. I occasionally feel fatigue from over-exercising, and then I need more rest, not more food.   

Why is the Nutritarian Diet so effective?
A: A Nutritarian diet comprehensively considers every dietary and nutritional factor that could benefit health and promote longevity.   It is not just focused on the fiber, or the microbiome, or the glycemic index or the toxic load, or the alkalinity, but instead considers everything simultaneously.  The focus is on consuming micronutrient-rich foods and foods with proven anti-cancer benefits — these  are important factors.  Anything else is a passing fad, and will not stand up to the test of time. Most people who follow the latest fad diet end up gaining all their weight back. Portion control diets fail because they do not consider micronutrients and phytochemicals in foods — people still eat foods that are too low in micronutrients and are inherently addictive, so eating smaller amounts is unsustainable in the long term.

Lately, very high-fat diets are in vogue, then we have the extremely low-fat crowd of plant-based enthusiasts; though usually a step in the right direction, neither can be considered ideal, because they do not expose us to sufficient longevity-promoting, anti-cancer phytochemicals and the fat extremism limits the absorption of the protective phytonutrients, when they are consumed. A Nutritarian diet removes that deprivation factor. You don’t have to eat small portions – in fact, you probably will eat larger portions than before. People start losing weight, improving their blood glucose, blood pressure, or cholesterol,  and feeling healthier right away, keeping them motivated to follow this eating style for life. 

Whole plant foods with scientifically-backed health benefits make up the vast majority of calories in the Nutritarian diet. This focus on micronutrient and phytochemical-rich foods is consistent with the vast preponderance of evidence in modern epidemiology, which shows that those who eat more whole plant foods and fewer animal products and processed foods have lower rates of chronic disease and longer lifespans.  There is no other diet-style with more lifespan enhancing evidence to support it as the Nutritarian diet. 


Joel Fuhrman, M.D. is a board-certified family physician, seven-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally recognized expert on nutrition and natural healing, who specializes in preventing and reversing disease through nutritional methods. Dr. Fuhrman coined the term “Nutritarian” to describe his longevity-promoting, nutrient dense, plant-rich eating style.
For over 30 years, Dr. Fuhrman has shown that it is possible to achieve sustainable weight loss and reverse heart disease, diabetes and many other illnesses using smart nutrition. In his medical practice, and through his books and PBS television specials, he continues to bring this life-saving message to hundreds of thousands of people around the world.


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05/25/2017 01:15 PM

I'm having a terrible time with hair loss. The only thing I have changed was my diet to your program. What do I need to do?

dndicicco replies:

05/25/2017 01:49 PM

I've heard of this occasionally for people who switch to a vegan diet. For most, it will pass naturally, however, you might want to be sure you're getting enough healthy fats, such as those from nuts and avocados.

JodiF replies:

05/25/2017 02:46 PM

I had hair thinning in the beginning, but a few months later it stopped and is now healthier than ever (and I'm still losing weight). I have read that rapid weight loss can cause temporary hair thinning. It is not limited to vegans.

Heidi P replies:

06/07/2017 03:00 PM

Per Dr. Fuhrman: You need to do nothing.  It is common for hair to fall out with sudden weight loss, this only happens at the early stages and as your weight loss slows down you will stop losing hair.

It could take a long time for everything to come back to normal, but it will.  Others stresses such as viral infections or a surgical procedure can also cause this. It is called telogin effluvium.


05/25/2017 01:24 PM

Thanks for this Q & A. Dr. Fuhrman, how do you protect the nuts and seeds in your carry-on bag from the radiation scanner?

Also, it's not clear why you are opposed to stevia or monkfruit sweetener.

haiku replies:

05/25/2017 02:03 PM

He explains because it disrupts the connection between sweetness and nutrients. Fruit and other natural sources of sugar are calorie dense and comparatively rare in nature, so we have evolved to love and seek out sweet tastes. When you taste sweetness, your body expects calories. Since stevia is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar, when you consume it your body expects calories. When you get none or very few, this connection is disrupted and goes haywire, which can result in sweetness cravings. In contrast, when you consume fruit you will be getting plenty of calories with it (the natural amount your body expects when you taste the sweetness level). As well, if you are regularily eating things that are hundreds of times sweeter than natural sources of sugar in fruit, you will not be satisfied with the sweetness of level of healthy fruit. Stevia is the concentrated sugar isolated from the stevia leaf, that is why it is hundreds of times sweeter than sugar. If you ground up the whole leaf (assuming the stevia leaf isn't toxic in its whole form) and sweetened your food with that, that would be nutritarian. I know nothing about monkfruit sweetener so I can't speak on that but I would assume it is the same case.

Anyway, not sure if you actually wanted an answer or if you just wanted to let Dr F know he could make it clearer but there you go :P

Mark G. replies:

05/26/2017 08:04 AM

Hi Judy - You don't have to worry about the nuts being x-rayed.  The type of radiation from these machines does not persist.  In other words, there will be no radiation left over in the nuts.  I doubt that there is any noticable affect on the nuts.  

Heidi P replies:

06/07/2017 03:00 PM

Per Dr. Fuhrman: I don’t worry about that, it does not hurt the food.

I prefer to wean people from their use of highly sweetened foods to re-cultivate the sensitivity of their taste buds and have them prefer foods less sweet.

In other words, not only do concentrated sweeteners dull the taste buds for the flavor of fruits an other foods , but they also perpetuate an excessive desire for sweets.

This reply was last edited on 06/07/2017 03:00 PM

1939 Packard

05/25/2017 01:27 PM

Today is my 14th day on the rapid weight loss program, I have lost 21lbs, my blood pressure has dropped from 198/98 to 158/88, the food is great and I feel so much better.  If I wasn't living the results I wouldn't believe it. Thank you! 


Babci Anne

05/25/2017 01:27 PM

It's been four weeks that I have been following your program. I'm no longer getting chest tightest but am still very tired. Overall, I do have more energy but feel drained sometimes.

haiku replies:

05/25/2017 02:04 PM

As you keep up with the program your energy levels will go even higher! It takes awhile to heal yourself biochemically.



05/25/2017 01:28 PM

Been a vegetarian for years, following your program now with no dairy/no gluten. Menopausal for a few years, but no weight loss. A ny suggestions?

MichaelE replies:

05/26/2017 08:35 PM

Rachel, Eliminate all processed foods including vegetable oils. Eat G-BOMBS daily. Be strict. 



1939 Packard

05/25/2017 01:29 PM

Dr. Fuhrman,

What treatment do you advise for enlarged prostate?


Heidi P replies:

06/07/2017 03:01 PM

Per Dr. Fuhrman: Easier to prevent than to treat once it occurs.  May require conventional medical treatments.


05/25/2017 03:00 PM

This is really fantastic! Thank you for posting. All of this echoes what I learned in the Immersion, but it's good to hear it again to refresh myself on the science. A key point to me is given near the end of this blog -- that it's not just about weight loss through controling fat but getting those micronutrients and phytochemicals for great health. The Nutritarian diet has such great variety of food! Poor S.A.D. diet eaters live on such a limited pallette.



05/25/2017 03:18 PM

Dr. Fuhrman eats what appears to be a lot of nuts and seeds per day. Can you tell me about the quantity of nuts and what kind of nuts he consumes each day please? Thank you!

This comment was last edited on 05/25/2017 03:18 PM

onefoot7 replies:

05/15/2019 05:49 AM

Not ‘a lot ‘ of nuts, just like a handful and you’re done, tablespoon each of seeds


05/25/2017 03:37 PM

I understand the protein requirements of older people is greater than younger.  I'd like to know how much protein per day is needed after age 70 to help prevent sarcopenia.   Thanks.

This comment was last edited on 05/25/2017 03:38 PM

alohadawn replies:

05/28/2017 01:28 PM

This PubMed article sited 1.7g of protein / kg of body weight for "elderly" folks dealing with anemia.   Different issue, but the article does discuss changes in protein requirement as we age and you can search pubmed for sarcopenia related articles while you are there:

Clin Nutr ESPEN. 2016 Feb;11:e1-e11. doi: 10.1016/j.clnesp.2015.09.003. Epub 2015 Dec 9. Review.
PMID: 28531420


05/25/2017 03:58 PM

Excellent Doctor Fuhrman, thank you very much!


05/25/2017 04:27 PM

Dr. Fuhrman I was told to eat either sprouted bread or sourdough bread . What do you think of sourdough bread.


vaporz replies:

07/21/2022 01:57 PM

As long as it is whole grain.  Here are some good choices.(except for the salt--170-200 mg sodium per slice): https://www.mannaorganicbakery.com/products/sourdough-breads.html


05/25/2017 06:09 PM

Thank you Dr. Fuhrman!  I love this information, super helpful!


05/25/2017 06:53 PM

What about seeds and nuts--must they be organic?

How much nuts in a day?  1/2 cup ground or whole?

You don't stress organic.  If organic is not available, can I use the organic wash on fruits and veg.?

Heidi P replies:

06/07/2017 03:02 PM

Per Dr. Fuhrman:

What about seeds and nuts--must they be organic?  No, not critical.  

How much nuts in a day?  1/2 cup ground or whole?

That depends on body size, activity level and caloric needs, can vary from one ounce a day to 7 ounces a day for slim competitive athlete. The main thing is not to over consume calories.  Eat slightly less than your body’s caloric needs to maintain a low body fat percent and simultaneously eat sufficient omega-3 containing nuts and seeds, such as walnuts, chia, flax and hemp.  

You don't stress organic.  If organic is not available, can I use the organic wash on fruits and veg.?

The washes don’t work. Avoid non-organic raw spinach and strawberries. 


05/25/2017 08:26 PM

Every single statement made by Dr. Fuhrman is truth and if you are not fooling yourself, you will find the cure you are looking for without medication. I do believe Dr. Fuhrman is on a humanitarian mission, not someone after fame and money. I am a living proof of his high efficiency, but I am quirt. Please Dr. Fuhrman keep the good job and never get discourage. Your mission is big and it is here to stay. Good bless you!


05/25/2017 09:41 PM

I have never heard Dr. Fuhrman address the issue of how to eat healthy while being impoverished to the point of needing to get food from food banks. Food banks tend to give out all kinds of unhealthy stuff.


TerriLynn replies:

05/29/2017 02:23 PM

I know food banks are pretty limited. Try asking the food banks you visit if they have any fresh produce or know where you can get some. Tell them you are diabetic (even if you are not) and that you need to stick with fresh produce, whole grains and seeds and nuts. Choose beans - dried preferably but cans of beans work, brown rice and other whole grains if you can. Any nuts or seeds will work, again preferably raw, but roasted will still give you some healthy fats. If the food bank is very limited, grab cans of soups. You can use them as a base for your own soup and then add whatever vegies you can get your hands on. If you have any money, visit produce stands - vegetables and fruits in season will be pretty cheap there. If you don't have the money, then research what weeds are edible in your area - really! Many weeds (dandelion and purslane come to mind) are very nutritious and can be found in vacant lots, etc. Good Luck!


Heidi P replies:

07/27/2017 01:43 PM

Dr. Fuhrman's newest book, coming out in October addresses exactly these types of issues. The book is called Fast Food Genocide.

This reply was last edited on 07/27/2017 01:46 PM


05/25/2017 10:38 PM

THIS IS A GREAT POST!!! Thank you for letting us know what you do on a regular basis. Makes sense. We are thrilled that we found your work almost 5 years ago, and I look forward to the new book!!!! (And Dr. Fuhrman coming out to speak at our campus in October! So excited!)



05/26/2017 12:58 AM

I can't thank Dr. F. enough when over 4 years ago I heard him on PBS! I've been a Nutritarian ever since! The 2 things he said that "converted" me were this...I may have it not exact, but...he said that peoples' excuses were "I don't have time to make food like this." He said, "I don't have time for chemotherapy". When people say, "I can't afford eating this way." He said, 'I can't afford kidney dialysis.". Those words changed my life, as I have 7 friends on the "cancer" list right now & about 4 others have died. All in this 4 year time period! In March I did a 3 day water fast for the first time. It was AMAZING!! And I found out after my fast that Dr. F. wrote a book about fasting 10 years ago, or longer. I just got it at the library today!! Can't wait to see what else I will learn. Thank you Dr. F., many of you (Dr. Richard Sschulze, the Robbins', Ty Bollinger, Chris Wark, Kris Carr) have been instrumental in my change, but you were the first one I listened to!! Or shall I say "obeyed"!! :) You changed my life & gave me listening ears to hear what others have to say also. In my physical community, I'm alone on this journey (except for online like minded folks). I bought your dvd's for my friends with cancer..........I lend them out, but no one listens, or changes. It's VERY sad. So that's ok, I will keep going, even if alone. Thanks to the internet, I don't feel alone. I know lots are with me!! I don't want to be on the cancer list, so I will do my best to have a long & healthy life. I take full responsibility for my food choices! Thanks again!!

chris2015 replies:

06/02/2017 02:10 AM

Hi Diana, 

I don't know if you will see this, but I just read your comment on June 1. You are not alone! I feel the same way. I have changed over to the nutritarian diet for the past couple of years, and I'm the only one I know who doesn't eat meet and dairy. I'm the quirky one. Prep time for meals is a little daunting sometimes. With summer I just want to throw the beans on a nice salad and not worry about making soups in the heat. I think it's supposed to be a good idea to cook the mushrooms (and onions) a little and throw them on, too. Anyway, I know what you mean about having friends who are having health issues and I pray that I can eat healthy enough not to get seriously sick. I enjoyed reading your comments.  



05/26/2017 05:58 AM

Dr. Furhman 

I have been doing the Nutritarian diet and it has certainly changed my life. I do home health visiting patients and my challenges are eating while I am on the road. My go to is salad bars in a grocery store. I loved hearing your ideas of what to eat when you are on the road and it is a good point that it takes much too long to go into a restaurant. Thank you.

Mary Cortellini

This comment was last edited on 05/26/2017 05:59 AM


05/26/2017 08:05 AM

After I had  a baby my blood pressure went high so i followed Dr. F's nutritarian lifestyle and it normalized within about a week into the diet and after about 2 weeks I was able to get off my medications. My struggle is that I miss some salt and that made me sad when I was eating. Can you suggest anything to me or how I can overcome this?  I have a toddler (13 months),  what can I give him in place of cow's milk? And also any ideas on foods to feed him? Thank you.



AnnaB replies:

05/26/2017 05:09 PM

Dr Fuhrman wrote a book called "Disease Proof your Child" in is available in audio or regualr book formats.


05/26/2017 01:44 PM

Dr. Furman, Hi!

I am brand new to this program, while I am a well-informed lay-person on the subject of nutrition. As a person in your age group, I have had few illness and no major surgeries in my life, I am the mother of six grown children and grandmother of many more, Thank G-d.  My inquiry is concerning the use of the nightshade family of vegetables on a daily basis, as you advocate. While I enjoy this vegetable group apart and in combinations, I worry they may enhance an early stiffness and soreness I am experiencing only of late. How do you reconcile the use of these nightshade vegetables to arthritis sufferers? And can this exacerbate the symptoms? You propose that these vegetables enhance anti-inflammatory response in the body. Could you please explain, as I am confused on this point. Otherwise, the ideas and the program you propose is outstanding and long over-due. Thanks for educating us all!  Chani


06/01/2017 07:10 PM

Dr. Fuhrman, I am a breast cancer "survivor" and have been following a WFPB diet for 3 years now, consuming no dairy and no meat. I am currently breastfeeding my 7 month daughter and know that I need to take in more calories in order to produce milk for her. My body usually tells me when I need to consume more. Any advice for breastfeeding moms following a nutritarian diet?

Heidi P replies:

06/07/2017 03:01 PM

Per Dr. Fuhrman: Have a glass of fresh squeezed vegetable juice every day.  Include some green cruciferous.  It should be 1/4 green cruciferous 1/3 carrot beet or tomato, and 7/12 lettuce, celery, cucumber bell pepper.  Make sure you take the supplements I recommend for pregnancy, including DHA-EPA Purity. Add one Ultra Cell Biotect twice a day.  Eat some hemp seeds, flax seeds and walnuts every day to get more omega 3 containing nuts and seeds.


06/07/2017 12:07 PM

A few questions:

1. Your book recommends eating breakfast first thing. My only time to workout is early morning before work, meaning I can't really eat breakfast, have time to digest, workout, and get to work - leaving me with the option of working out on an empty stomach, and eating after. Do you have a better option?

2. In general, I don't seem to be hungry until after a BM in the morning - which can be hours after waking - again - is eating breakfast after an hour of being awake super essential? Or whenever I am hungry? 

3. When is the latest you recommend eating dinner?

scott812 replies:

06/24/2017 04:32 PM

I'm the same way: not hungry in morning so I wait until lunch around 11ish then finish dinner by 5 or 6pm.  Only 2 meals a day spaced about 4-5 hours apart.  There's much support now for "intermittent fasting" in a way that all food is consumed within a 8-hour period during day, then fast for the other 16 hours for max fat loss and detox. Cardio on an empty stomach really promotes fat loss, from what I've read.

I've given up on all restaurants except vegan places; they're too difficult to accommodate Nutritarian and too expensive.  I love any place with organic smoothies.  Whole Foods and similar grocers with salad bars are faster, better & cheaper than restaurants.


06/18/2017 05:37 PM

Why is it so hard to find Nutritarian recipes on the internet, ie, Google, etc.? What's wrong with people? Does their health not matter that much to them? What's wrong with Doctors? Do they care so little? This is human LIVES we're talking about!!! I'm having to deal with Several health issues. I'm not ready to die, at 52 years old. I was diagnosed last January with enlarged heart, chf, copd, ddd/djd (which makes it Extremely hard to exercise!!! All I can do at the moment, is a recumbent bike. I can't stand for more than a few seconds at a time, because the pain in my back is so severe, and my hips and legs go numb. Maybe from over 22+ years of training horses and toting around a severely, brain damaged, quadriplegic daughter from 2 1/

2 to 31 years old), as well as sciatica, high blood pressure, and a few other things.) I'm trying to change my life and health around. My doctor, Dr. Mark Morris (Mark Morris, on my FB page), pointed me in Your and Dr. McGregor's direction. He suggested your books, as well as the movie, Forks Over Knives, and I joined the Food Revolution Network, this year. I'm trying, but DO get discouraged, sometimes, when I can't find certain recipes to help, without going through an act of Congress. :( It sometimes makes it hard to change. At least I can say, I have a family doctor who pushes you and Dr. Greger.

Jeango4th replies:

09/01/2018 03:15 PM

You are extremely blessed to have a family doctor who believes in what Dr. Fuhrman is doing!  My cardiologist calls doctors who advocate functional medicine "quacks".



06/29/2017 09:02 AM

The nuts and seads are confusing, can you put nuts in the dressings and put nut in the recipies and still lose weight I am about 80 lbs over weight

Linda P. replies:

07/27/2017 04:03 PM

If you need to lose weight, limit your total daily consumption of nuts and seeds to 1 ounce (about 1/4 cup) for women and 1 1/2 ounces for men.


07/04/2017 03:29 PM

I started your program 10 days ago and am happily losing weight about 5#s)  and enjoying the fresh food.  I was diagnosed as prediabetic...thankfully caught early.  With your program, I will reverse that.  My question is about dry mouth (which drove my doctor to order labs finally resulting in the diagnosis).  I am losing the 10 #s plus required to qet the numbers under control.  I will probably lose more as I've switched to your program after hearing Dr. Brown and his wife.  My question is about the dry mouth...any further suggestions.  It's a horrible condition I've had for about 8 months.  It's improving but still happening especially at night.  Help please!  Thank you and God bless you!  Karen


07/04/2017 03:32 PM

P.S.  I'm 5'2 and weight 148.  I started at 153.5 when diagnosed a month ago. I've been on your program for 10 days.  Thanks, Karen!

f106 replies:

07/19/2017 07:40 PM

Update:  I've lost a total of 10#s so far on your program...about 4-5 weeks.  The dry mouth is improving but still an issue.  I'm pressing on with your program which I love.  Glucose levels going down, weight going down, dry mouth less intense and energy way up.  I'll keep you posted.  Also, my husband has lost 10 pounds.  We both quit coffee cold turkey due to the cream and sugar.


07/09/2017 08:36 PM

Hi Dr. Fuhrman, I am in love with your way of eating except I am not a cook and have not put any of this into practice and this is one of the biggest bucket list items for me.  I am 63 and in my past I was involved in Tae Kwon Do for over 20 years followed by ten years of personal training/strength coaching.  

I have a major question I would luv to get answered, I want to do an extended water fast.  How long would it take to eliminate all the plaque from my arteries and veins?  I live in Ithaca, NY (home of Cornell University)  and have not found any medical professionals that could monitor my water fast. 

I greatly appreciate any advice that I could get from you. 

Thanx sincerely! 

David Kennedy 


07/26/2017 05:55 PM

Hi Dr. Fuhrman,

Do you have any recommendations for people in the process of losing weight and are working out more vigorously? Also is pre and post workout food something I need to be doing? Or is this not necessary when eating a nutritarian lifestyle? I am 5'2" 158 pounds and I’m 24 years old. I have been diagnosed with Myo fascial pain syndrome but i am using my own methods to overcome it. I would like to lose weight and gain muscle and build strength back up. 



Amanda Villa



07/29/2017 01:08 PM

HI. I just finished the 10 in 20.  DIdn't lose a pound!!  I am eating this way for cardiac health.  I have three major blockages.  I am confused related to the information about the benefits of coconut oil and Dr Mercola,s new Diet changes Disease which is high fat, moderate protein and minimal carbs.  I have read Eselstein, China Study, McDougall etc and they all advocate low animal fat.  I want to live!!  I have elevated particle A hereditary and am being told that diet won't change that??????Help.  What do you have to say about the ketogenic diet????


08/22/2017 06:17 PM

Hi Dr. Furhman,

I have been following you for years now, off my heart pills and high blood pressure pills. Lost 47 lbs and have 50 more to go, true believer. Question is, based on a 1800 calorie per day diet, can you give me an approx calories per day for these types of foods. My guess would be Vegetables-400cal., Fruits-300cal., Beans-300cal., Nuts200cal., Seed-200cal., grains-200cal. Misc-200cal...


Steve H.


09/18/2017 01:15 PM


I'm wanting to do this so badly, and I have started introduction more veggies, and fruit. But, I noticed that my blood sugar numbers are going up, and I got a little worried, cause my numbers have been up and down... 3 months good, 3 months bad, I am working on weight loss... (326lbs, I was 360lbs), and because numbers are up and down (unually when medication is changed), I notice I have really bad struggles... When will I see my sugars level become more normal I guess is my question... Should I be worried, if it goes up... My average is 167, I need to get it lower... after meals normally it was 180-220, then when I work out, then use medication, it comes down... but even in the morning my level is between 110-140, on a good week, I can get it below 120, on a bad week (ate too much, too late, no walking) 140 in the morning... They want to put me on insulin, but I said no. 

Current Meds for high blood pressure and diabetes: Low dose asprin 81mg; Lisinopril 40mg; Hydrochlotot...25mg; Atorvastatin 10mg; Diabetes 2000mg Metformin, I was taking 5 mg Tradjenta, but I am not taking this one, joint hurt to bad... and I was taking Omprazole for heartburn, but stop taking it because I been on it for more than 1 year straight... 

Barbie lee

12/17/2017 06:46 AM

What about the food combinations of not eating fruit after a cooked meal.I wonder what is Dr. furhmann's point of view on that r

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01/25/2018 04:23 PM

Hi Dr. Fuhrman and Associates :),

Have been a loyal follower of the Nutritarian lifestyle ever since reading The End of Dieting three years ago. I"ve made the transition in stages that were manageable.I've always exercised, so that has just continued.  I first eliminated processed foods, then dropped diet sodas(and all caffeine) for water, next built my recipe notebook with wonderful recipes, and then dropped meat and dairy. My recent blood panel was excellent in every category. I thank you for getting your message and research out there. It is amazing to be on thishealthy,life-long journey. It is truly enjoyable.

I do have a surgery coming up in two weeks for a "pelvic floor" makeover.(4 sons later) I wondered if you had any specific recommendations for foods that will especially be helpful to include for healing from this surgery.

By the way, I understand that you recently did a workshop at North Lake Presbyterian in Lady Lake, FL. You met Jeff Hosmer, the pastor there. He and his wife, Bobbi, are our closest friends. It was pretty fun for me to have them hear you because they've heard about you from me for a long time!

Many thanks for the gift of your years of work. Thank you for sharing it!


Lynne Steel




05/12/2018 01:12 AM

 Dear Dr. Furman, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease 2 years ago.  I forgot the name of the disease, but the doctor says I also have pockets in the colon and should avoid eating seeds. I have arthritis real bad, and inflamation is really severe day and night. Being at work is very hard with the inflammation, so I started reading a lot of information online and reading books when i can.  Most of them say that you should watch out for lectins, what do you think about this?  I just bought your book (Eat to Live)and received it yesterday. On page 4,  you have a numbered list..eating beans and nuts.   


06/20/2018 03:09 PM

I am a thin person to start with so how do I keep from losing any weight on this diet? Do I eat tons of oatmeal, nuts, and beans, etc.  My fasting glucose is 100 to 105 so I don’t want these numbers to increase at all.


07/09/2018 06:24 PM

 I am a thin person who loves whole foods.  I have been type 1 diabetic for a little over a year, following a virus.  I would like to follow your nutritarian diet to see if it lowers my need for insulin (I am on a pump).  But I am concerned athat the sample  recipes are over 50g (I am not allowed to subtract fiber).  Does this mean that I need to give myself more insulin to cover the carbs, and if so, isn't that defeating the purpose of the diet?  Thanks for your reply.


11/08/2018 06:31 AM

My three year old son has been drinking a fortified soy milk three times a day. My family is plant based and do not consume any animal products. I heard you speak last weekend and you mentioned that synthetic vitamins A and E were harmful. Since vitamin A is in his soy milk I am going to switch him to another brand. I found one that is just organic soy and filtered water. My question is, if he is eating a plant based diet with little processed foods, and taking your pixie vites and dha supplement, does he really need to drink soy milk at every meal? He loves the taste and it would be hard to not let him have it, but now I’m questioning if he needs it or not if we no longer buy the fortified versions. 


Thank you so much!


11/24/2018 01:38 AM

Thank you Dr. Fuhrman for your wonderful, well researched diet advice and recipes!  I've just finished your 10 in 20 program and at week three I feel fabulous, just waking up in the morning with no aches or pains is incredible and I lost 12 pounds!  I have three questions.  1) I noticed above that you posted that vegetable washes "don't work."  I use plain old Ivory soap in the bar form to wash my vegetables.  What do you use?  2) Can you recommend a fast way to wash kale or collard greens?  3) Also I've been told by my dentist that I have a genetic tendency that causes my gums to recede.  I keep my teeth and gums very clean so it's not from poor hygene.  Have you had any patients with this problem that saw an improvement after going on your diet?


12/11/2018 11:22 AM

Thanks for this very informative Q & A. I’m always promoting you. Your Fast Food Genocide needs to be read by all policymakers. One question: How do you feel about SoDelicious Unsweetened Coconut Milk; Harvest Bay Coconut Water; and Miyoko’s vegan butter and vegan cheeses?


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12/11/2018 12:55 PM

I would like to know your thoughts about phytic acid. Whole grains, including oats, seeds, nuts, beans, and legumes all contain phytic acid, which blocks absorption of calcium, Mg, Zn, Fe and Cu. What do you do to protect your body from demineralization while consuming nuts and legumes? Thank you!


03/10/2019 08:24 AM

What do you drink other than water and veggie smoothie, is there anything that i can just grab at the local corner store or similar store 

Loving It replies:

03/27/2019 05:41 PM

I'm wondering the same thing, Hateme99.


03/23/2019 10:36 AM

Is it okay to add organic coconut oil in my green smoothie for taste

HealthyMeredith replies:

02/20/2021 10:30 PM

I've seen coconut water in recipes.

Loving It

03/27/2019 10:02 PM

Hi, there! I have two quick questions:

1. When was the last time you were sick.

2. When was the last time you were wrong about nutrition. (Everyone makes mistakes - Will you tell us when you do?)



10/05/2019 04:04 PM

OMG, read the book it's online. CHEW ALL FRESH FOODS TIL DISOLVED to get micronutrients from them.( It's in original book)  you'll feel better.

quit trying to combine other diets. Either do eat to live as given or do the other. Quit disecting all info.


Keep it simple.

Google all other questions, use your brains. 


11/28/2019 06:31 AM

Please evaluate and compare Lara bars and Adkin's bars.



11/28/2019 08:28 PM

I have habitually low blood pressure as do several of my family members (mostly female) I was told by my dr to add salt to everything to help raise it. Is this true or are there other ways? I'm 38 years old, had 10 children and I'm overweight. (I'm 5ft 6 in and was 81.5 kilos at my last weight check) will a nutrarian diet help raise my BP to a healthy level without the added salt?

Must tofu be used on the diet? Is there a good substitute?


12/12/2019 10:48 PM

whcih is better canned beans or frozen, or maybe dried beans? 

for example canned beans, lentils, chickpeas, kidney beans all come with additives, E*, thickeners or other additives. So I am wondering what is the best to choose here. For example, the only option, that i have dsicovered so far is to have canned beans, but I would ideally like to avoid the additives if I hada choice. I do have the choice of frozen edame beans(soy), whcih reminds me to check the label on these. 

But just wondering what other peoples views are on this.





01/24/2020 03:55 PM



I had a question in terms of eating disorders. What if someone has suffered from one for 20 years and the restriction would promote relapse?

Should one follow your diet or be more flexible?


Thank you


03/22/2020 10:46 PM

I started Followingyour Nutritarian diet since January 25 I have lost around 12 Pound on 02 Months, My blood sugar is on 6.2 in 50% medication. I am not able to follow words to words on oil consumption as i work in remote site and i need to eat what is been cooked. Other than Oil I have followed word to word. I hope i can cutoff my oil consumption when i reach home.

1. I don't feel hungry in the morning -  is eating breakfast after an hour of being awake super essential? Or I can skip breakfast and eat my lunch at 12:00?

2. I drink around 2 Cups of Green tea before i eat lunch and 01 cup around at 4:00Pm total 03 Cups. Is green tea ok to drink in Nutritarian diet.


Stephanie Germine

05/09/2020 11:12 PM


Very glad there is this space to be able to ask this question: I did a blood test recently and my "Glucose random" is 65mg/dL. I feel pretty fine but it's true that I had irritablity in the past. I still have mood swings. Should I be worry?


Thank you so very much!


08/22/2020 01:18 PM


what about me 67 yrs old diabetes type1 diagnosis ,not on medication going next week to the doctor due to excessive weight loss. I desperately do not want to go on insulin.

       Appreciating your help in advance...

No one addresses type 1, Why?


09/20/2020 07:54 AM

I am a vegetarian who exercises regularly and who is approximately 10 lbs overweight. I used to and still want to follow a nutritarian plan; however, I have experienced increasing difficulty with gas, pain and bloating whenever I eat even moderate amounts of fiber including most nuts, raisins or currants, some beans, bananas, etc. This has only occurred since I have entered perimenopause. I know that most people don't have this issue, but my body just won't tolerate many of these recipes. Does anyone have any suggestions? 


07/22/2021 12:53 PM

I can't eat onions. Is there a substitute with similar health benefits?



10/19/2021 11:49 AM

We need Dr Fuhrman's teachings to be required course for the new generation of practitioners here in the USA. Dr. Fuhrman Epitomises  the catchphrase BE the CHANGE you want to see in the world! A very WISE man- THANK YOU for sharing a world of knowledge & in such a concise manner [G-BOMBS]! With much love and gratitude! Danelle- MCH RN. God Bless You 


03/22/2022 05:08 PM

if i use salt in the first 6 weeks, how much will this blunt my efforts of weightloss?



10/08/2022 11:46 PM

I have been recently tested for my TSH and it was over the normal 4.5. I have Ben eating a nutritarian for many years. Any suggestions on how to normalize the thyroid?