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Obermeyer: Natalie O. learned a college student living away from home can still eat healthy
I'm a college student who has learned that eating for health can be done while living away at college.
Robert B.  had numerous health problems and after following the diet for one year his blood work is near perfect; his prostate pain went away and his prostate is no longer enlarged
Thank you so much for bringing me back to health by reading and following the  Eat  to Live plan. I'm 46 years old and I have tried to eat well… read more
Rreny's has Crohn's and Colitis for 30 years and says the Eat To Live diet allows him to eat healthy foods and never take drugs as others who have these disease do; he no longer suffers depression
I would to share with you the benefits I have come to experience with living this wonderful way of life. First of all, having had Crohn's and… read more
Sadie's young son is free of painful chronic ear infections since she read Disease Proof Your Child and put him on a plant based diet; now the entire family (five children)  follow the diet
We have five children and we all strive to eat a plant-based diet .Our journey toward this way of life began when I was seeking help for our third… read more
Sara N:
Sara N.'s 12 year old daughter no longer has  ADHD, allergies and her skin condition cleared up as did Sara's skin rashes, chronic fatigue and depression
My daughter was diagnosed with ADHD when she was six years old. In addition, upon waking up every morning, she had a runny nose and itchy skin… read more
Teresa  no longer has headaches; says eating out at a restaurant has become more of a pain rather than a treat; she is committed to the diet to have a healthier, happier life now and in the future
My story is probably unlike the majority of people that have accepted and taken on the Eat To Live lifestyle.  For many, their goal is to lose… read more
Tessy feels great, looks great, and at the age of 53 is mistaken for someone in their mid 30's!
Dear Dr. Fuhrman,

I read your books and changed my diet for the past three months. In truth, I'm a little stricter than the ETL diet, eating mostly… read more
Thomas H. is no longer on  diabetes medications; he is starting a non-profit wellness center  focusing on educating people on how  proper nutrition is key in the treatment of diabetes
Dr. Rafael D'Angelo of Denver, CO helped me get off my diabetic medications in 2010. He had me follow the Fuhrman protocol  and gave me the book read more
tkseeley: Terry S's three old  son stopped growing and had multiple health problems; on a plant-based diet he grew to normal size; no longer suffers digestive problems; mom and dad each lost 25 pounds
My eight year old son stopped growing when he reached his third birthday.  His skin turned a grey/green color, and his eyes drooped with dark… read more
Veeta's  says at a very young age her son showed signs of acid reflux, now, as a result of changing to a healthy diet he is 11 years-old and no longer has eating problems
Today my son is a very healthy eleven year old.  But in 2007 he had problems digesting food and showed signs of acid reflex. His doctor gave him… read more
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