Many individuals who follow the Nutritarian diet write to Dr. Fuhrman about their success. Keep in mind that results vary from person to person. As always, consult your physician if you have a medical history and/or condition that may warrant individual recommendations.

Stephanie's Story

The Nutritarian diet helped control Stephanie's gestational diabetes and she no longer suffers frequent urinary tract infections  

I had hypoglycemic syndrome so bad I would literally pass out if I did not eat every ninety minutes. A friend referred me Eat to Live. Within four days of following the Eat to Live program, my symptoms improved and in ten days they were completely gone. Then, weight started falling off of me and I went from over 145 pounds to 125 in just a few months.

I have had several pregnancies since my original Eat to Live experience and thus my weight has fluctuated greatly, as have my eating habits, to some degree. But, even as I have aged, the baby weight has fallen off when I follow the Nutritarian diet. I struggled with urinary tract infections especially during my previous pregnancies, even resulting in an early labor. When I follow Eat to Live, my urinary tract infections are completely gone, even during pregnancy.

With my last pregnancy, I fell for following a Brewer-type diet, very high protein/animal products and developed a raging urinary tract infection that would not go away until I went vegan/Nutritarian. About that time, I also developed gestational diabetes for the first time. I implemented a Nutritarian diet and my energy returned, my glucose numbers became relatively acceptable. My baby was large, but healthy with no glucose issues at birth. Another pregnancy note, when I am eating Nutritarian, I have almost no nausea during pregnancy. My babies are typically all good sizes and healthy even without much animal protein.

I have Morton's Neuroma (painful condition that affects the ball of the foot) in my left foot and an arthritic feeling in my right hand which flares up when I add animal products to my diet in significant amounts. And, as I am getting older, I also develop non-pregnancy related urinary infections if I consume too many animal products. My immunity is better when I am eating a Nutritarian diet and I can heal from a common cold in about a day or so.

I have the Osteoporosis Protection for Life dvd and love it. I look forward to not having to decay as I grow older! I talk about Nutritarian eating to almost everyone I know and have seen many lives improved by it. Thank you for your work!

Results may vary.

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