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Heart disease is a condition that is reversible through aggressive nutritional intervention and cholesterol lowering.
Cholesterol Protection For Life

by Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Lowering cholesterol naturally can save your life. There is irrefutable evidence that high cholesterol levels are associated with an increased risk of coronary artery disease and a resultant heart attack. Lowering your LDL cholesterol below 100 offers powerful protection against heart disease. Today, the evidence is overwhelming that heart attacks, which kill half of all Americans, are preventable.

Heart disease is a condition that is reversible by aggressive nutritional intervention and by lowering cholesterol. My comprehensive approach to lowering cholesterol and preventing heart disease is simply the most protective and effective program for your heart and blood vessels. My goal is to provide you with the information to immediately start this life saving program without having to see me in my office.

Heart attacks and strokes kill about 50 percent of all Americans. If you eat the standard western diet that most people eat in the modern world, you will develop heart disease and likely die from it. This is a tragedy because these deaths are so unnecessary. I hope you will choose a different road to travel.

"My cholesterol dropped radically, my angina resolved and my heart condition vanished. I take no medications anymore. Dr. Fuhrman saved my life."

— John Pawlikowski

"My cholesterol used to be over 200! I never thought about it at the time, but I was as you say "a heart attack waiting to happen". Today my cholesterol is 142 and I'm thrilled, thanks to Dr Fuhrman. I feel healthier just knowing I'm safe, and I look so much better!"

— Denise Viscanza

The dietary program, which I recommend, has been intensively studied in the scientific literature and has been found to lower cholesterol more powerfully than statin drugs. A study was published in the April 2001 issue of the medical journal, Metabolism, documenting the results. My dietary program was shown to lower cholesterol an average of 33 percent.

I prescribe only the safest and most potent natural cholesterol-lowering agents that can be used in conjunction with my dietary approach to assure that dramatic cholesterol lowering can occur without the risks of taking drugs. You will learn which supplements have risks, which don't, and which ones really work.

My program will likely enable you to get off your medications and protect yourself from heart disease without incurring the costs and risks of drugs. Also, it is much more effective than drugs at protecting you from a heart attack and from a premature death.

If you have heart disease, my program will guide you through the most effective way to get better and reverse your condition. If you don't have heart disease,my program will make sure you never do. I urge you to remove your heart disease risk and make the decision to adequately protect yourself.

This program will enable you to slowly reduce your heart medication, lower your blood pressure, stop your angina symptoms, and become well again. You can avoid bypass surgery and angioplasty. You can avoid medical intervention and be in control of your health. It can save your life.

Remember, if you need further assistance and guidance, you can ask questions and get a quick response from me in my member support center, here at DrFuhrman.com.

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Retired teacher Age 64

  Before After
Total Cholesterol  249  150
Triglycerides  169  105
LDL  157  80
HDL  58  49
Weight  184  152


Airline Pilot Age 53

  Before After
Total Cholesterol  247  156
Triglycerides  72  42
LDL  191  104
HDL  51  44
Weight  173  159

Orchestra Musician age 52

  Before After
Total Cholesterol  237  158
Triglycerides  165  79
LDL  152  99
HDL  52  43.5
Weight  172  155

Retired Executive Age 65

  Before After
Total Cholesterol  283  168
Triglycerides  90  79
LDL  192  98
HDL  91  52
Weight  124  123

Chiropractor Age 67

  Before  After
Total Cholesterol  164 (on Zocor)  126 (off Zocor)
Triglycerides  210  179
LDL  119  54
HDL  32  36
Weight  180  162