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Question: How do you explain the healing of people with various illnesses after a period of urine therapy?

Answer: We can't smoke cigarettes with impunity, excessively consume alcohol without paying a price, or eat the American diet and not eventually develop atherosclerotic heart disease and cancer. Diseases have causes, when we avoid the cause of disease we protect our valuable health. Remedies don't protect us or make us healthy, avoiding the cause of disease does. Many substances both natural and substances designed in the lab have medicinal effects and can lessen the symptoms of disease. However, only noxious substances have such effects, not healthy stuff. Almost all medicinal agents work because they contain toxic compounds that interfere, block or stimulate natural body actions. These substances do not make us healthier and if consumed for a significant length of time can have significant negative effects on our long-term health.

We don't gain energy, detoxify more effectively, or strengthen our immunity by consuming medicinal substances. For example, if something gives you energy it is a stimulant and not beneficial to your long-term health. Only toxic substances can stimulate you and make you feel better or have drug-like effects. Healthy food will not give you a burst of energy, make you sleep less, or make you urinate more, for example. An herbal diuretic does not strengthen the kidney as is claimed, it merely poisons (interferes), or blocks renal tubular reabsorbtion and as a result we urinate more. In other words, the natural diuretic works much like the drug. There is no magic. If something has a medicinal effect it also has a drug (toxic) effect, we all learned that in the first pharmacology course in medical school.

When we consume healthful substances that supply a nutritive need to the body, we do not feel anything. If you consumed some parsley or broccoli it would not give you a burst of energy or allow you to get by with less sleep. Stimulation is not nutritive. The body often acts on the toxic substance to remove it with increased effort, raising blood flow and pulse creating a false sense of increased energy. The batteries in your flashlight last longer when you keep the flashlight turned off. Likewise the more you stimulate our bodies with coffee, sugar, rich foods and herbals stimulants and other remedies, the more our bodies will age.

In conclusion, many things may apparently work to do something to the body. Generally, they are harmful (toxic) in proportion to their power to act. You don't get something for nothing and you can't earn excellent health by consuming magical substances, medicinal substances or herbal remedies. I'm sure urine has some medicinal effects. Superior health is the result of nutritional excellence and healthy habits. This does not mean that a natural substance with medicinal properties or even a drug should never be used, it means that there is no magic, we pay a price (a noxious stress to the body) from the use of such substances and we are better off if we can live in a manner to avoid such things.

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