The Art of Nutritarian Cooking

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The Art of Nutritarian Cooking is a certificate program comprised of 3 courses with modules presented by Dr. Fuhrman and three world-class chefs. Video demonstrations guide you to mastering cooking techniques and sparking your creativity with food and seasonings.The course utilizes reading materials to reinforce core concepts and to offer meal planning ideas.

Total video runtime: 20 hrs 30 mins

Program length: 3 months
As a self-paced course, the time to actually complete the program will vary by the individual. We recommend spending about 2-3 hours per week.


In the Art of Nutritarian Cooking, Dr. Fuhrman reviews the protocols of the Nutritarian diet and explains why the Nutritarian approach is the best way of eating for health and longevity. In each of these course modules, Dr. Fuhrman and his guest chefs share their own unique style, approach and recipes for making Nutritarian eating simple, fun and great-tasting.

Basic Principles of Nutritarian Cooking

Learn about the essential Nutritarian cooking techniques and tools to build confidence in the kitchen and some staple dishes to get you started.

Flavor Development

Explore fundamental ways to pair a variety of high-nutrient foods with seasonings for the most flavorful dishes.

Culinary Inspirations for the Nutritarian Chef

Discover gourmet methods to create out-of-this-world Nutritarian dishes with culinary inspirations from renowned chefs

Ask the Chefs

Dive deeper with individual Q & A sessions with Dr. Fuhrman, Chef Martin, and Chef Robin and a Panel Discussion with Dr. Fuhrman, Chef Martin, and Chef James.

Required Texts (purchased separately)

The following books are referenced and required for course assignments. They may be purchased separately through the links provided.


Cost: $195