Your NEI Certification Can Pay For Itself!

Become an NEI Premier Affiliate

An Exclusive Business Opportunity for NEI Alumni

For our most committed advocates who have invested in achieving and understanding nutritional excellence, Dr. Fuhrman has created a rewarding opportunity when you put that passion to work.

Graduates of any Nutritarian Certificate Program can register to become NEI Premier Affiliates of and earn commissions – 10% or more on the sales of products, memberships, NEI courses and special events along with special commission increases and bonuses based on sales throughout the year. In addition, our Alumni affiliates will continue to receive commissions on all subsequent purchases made from each customer they bring to for a full year!

This commission structure is ONLY available to NEI graduates of a Nutritarian Certificate Program. This NEI Premier Affiliate offer increases earning potential and makes it easier to quickly make back the cost of enrollment.

Take the wisdom you have gained and turn it into an ongoing revenue stream!

If you have your own website and want to take advantage of this opportunity, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Join our Affiliate Program. Join Now

Step 2: Email [email protected] with the SITE ID you are provided with once you apply to the program. **This step is very important in the process**

Step 3: You will receive a private offer in the Rakuten dashboard to be added into our Premier Affiliate Program once you provide us with the SITE ID and we approve you into the program. Only graduates of an NEI program will be approved.