Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Boot Camp

Enrollment in this course is not currently open.

Cost: $299 

Course Duration: November 9 - 13, 2020

Classroom access: November 2 - December 15, 2020

Get rid of your excess weight – and learn how to break your addictive food behaviors – permanently.

Enroll in Dr. Fuhrman’s Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Boot Camp and kickstart your weight loss with his guidance from the comfort of your own home. Follow Dr. Fuhrman's 20-day menu plan and stay connected with him via three Zoom group webinars and personaly through the Ask the Doctor community. Enjoy the commaderie of other participants pursuing their own health and weight loss goals in the classroom and via a private Facebook group. Get inspired by other members of Dr. Fuhrman's expert team with support groups, cooking and exercise instruction.

Dr. Fuhrman's Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Boot Camp Experience Includes Seven Live Zoom Webinars

  • Day 1: Kickstart with Dr. Fuhrman: Maximizing Nutritional Healing

  • Day 2: Essentials of Nutritarian Cooking with Dr. Fuhrman from the ETL Retreat in San Diego

  • Day 2: Lecture with Dr. Fuhrman: Controlling Overeating and Addictive Eating, Plus the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting

  • Day 3: Cooking demonstration and tips with Dr. Fuhrman

  • Day 3: Tips for Success discussion with our Food Addiction Counselor

  • Day 4: Exercise Class

  • Day 5: Q&A with Dr. Fuhrman

All zoom webinars are recorded and available to watch in the classroom for the duration of the enrollment period.

The Boot Camp Experience Features:

  • 10 in 20: Intermittent Fasting Weight Loss Meal Plan digital booklet with daily recipes
  • Online classroom with readings, videos, and an exercise plan
  • Private Facebook group to connect with one another for encouragement and support
  • Recipe email hotline for help planning your menus and shopping for or substituting ingredients
  • One month free trial of Platinum membership* to connect with our medical staff on the Ask the Doctor forum and unlocks meal plans, recipes, and tools for lasting success

Cost: $299 

Dr. Fuhrman's Weight Loss Boot Camp classroom opens November 2, 2020, so you can plan, shop and be ready to start the meal plan on day 1 of the Boot Camp, November 9, 2020.

The classroom will remain open until December 15, 2020 so you can continue learning after you complete the 3-week menu plan.

Review the Authorization and Consent terms.
All fees are non-refundable.


*Enrollment includes a free month of PLATINUM membership to for all participants, including current members. Details to activate membership are available in the classroom beginning November 2, 2020. Complimentary membership must be activated by December 15, 2020, or it will be forfeited. After your complimentary 1-month membership is over, there will be a recurring charge of $49.95 billed monthly to the credit card you supply at checkout. If you are a current GOLD member, your account will be automatically upgraded to PLATINUM and your membership will automatically revert back to GOLD after your complimentary month of PLATINUM ends. Current PLATINUM members will automatically receive one additional month. You will not need to do anything. You may cancel at any time prior to your monthly renewal date by calling Customer Service at 1 (800) 474-WELL (9355). Customers outside the U.S., please call Customer service at (908) 237-2195.