There are three ways you can continue to connect with Dr. Fuhrman for his expert and caring advice.

#1 Sign up for an Online or In-Person Event

Dr. Fuhrman's events are a fun, fast and effective way to lose weight, better your health and slow the aging process.

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#2 Become a Platinum member of

Discuss your health questions in the Ask the Doctor forum, a private, members’-only community. Dr. Fuhrman answers questions in the forum daily.

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#3 Stay at The Eat to Live Retreat

Transform your health at Dr. Fuhrman’s residential Eat to Live Retreat in the hills of San Diego, California where he sees patients exclusively.

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From Dr. Fuhrman:

“This is an exciting new chapter in my medical career. I will miss seeing so many of my East Coast community in person, but I am happy that we can stay connected online through the Ask the Doctor forum and online events. And I am thrilled to welcome guests to my Eat to Live Retreat – as a doctor, there is nothing more satisfying than helping people transform their health. Come see me in San Diego!”

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