Nutritarian Studies


The Nutritarian Studies certificate program is a track of courses designed by Dr. Fuhrman to provide students with a foundational knowledge of nutritional science along with an in-depth examination of the fundamental principles of the Nutritarian diet.


Timeframe: 9 months to complete

Credits: This program is eligible for 4.3 Continuing Education credit(s)

Cost: $795.00 ($845.00 with credits)

  • Overview
  • Topics
  • Required Texts


Students learn about the most health promoting foods and the role that superior nutrition plays in weight loss, cancer protection, and the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases like diabetes, autoimmune and heart disease.

This program is an excellent tool for anyone who wants to deepen their understanding of nutrition and the role that healthy food plays in optimizing health and treating chronic diseases as well as medical professionals who want to broaden their knowledge of how nutrition influences disease and health outcomes.

To earn the Nutritarian Studies program certificate you must successfully complete the following courses:

After successfully completing the program, graduates can enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  • Online Alumni Listing - share your achievement and increase your exposure
  • NEI Alumni Community - network and share ideas with like-minded people
  • NEI Premier Affiliate Program - earn double the commission of the basic Dr. Fuhrman Affiliate Program

This program is offered in an open enrollment format, which means students can enroll and begin at any time. To successfully complete the program, students must pass a final exam in each of the required courses.

Technical Requirements: PC or MAC or any mobile device with an internet connection

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The Nutritarian Education Institute (NEI) is recognized as an Approved Continuing Education Provider by the:

  • American Council on Exercise, this program, Nutritarian Studies, qualifies for 4.3 ACE continuing education credits.
  • Athletics and Fitness Association of America, this program, Nutritarian Studies, qualifies for 15 AFAA CEUs.
  • National Academy of Sports Medicine, this program, Nutritarian Studies, qualifies for 1.9 NASM CEUs.


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Basics of Nutrition

  • Nutrients and the Science of Nutrition
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Energy Metabolism and Energy Balance
  • Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease and Cancer
  • Vitamins
  • Minerals and Water
  • Foods and Phytochemicals for Preventing Chronic Disease part 1
  • Foods and Phytochemicals for Preventing Chronic Disease part 2
  • FINAL EXAM: Basics of Nutrition

The Science of the Nutritarian Diet

  • UNIT 1: Nutrient Density
  • UNIT 2: Comprehensive Nutrient Adequacy
  • UNIT 3: Hormone Favorability
  • UNIT 4: Avoiding Toxins
  • UNIT 5: Toxic Hunger & Food Addiction
  • FINAL EXAM: The Science of the Nutritarian Diet

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