The Science of the Nutritarian Diet

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Focusing primarily on Dr. Fuhrman’s writings and his years of experience treating and preventing chronic disease through superior nutrition, The Science of the Nutritarian Diet examines the most up-to-date research regarding the connection between diet and health.

Timeframe: 6 months to complete

Credits: This course is eligible for 3.2 Continuing Education credit(s)

  • Overview
  • Topics
  • Required Texts


During the course you will learn about the powerful effects of food on our health, including the how and why of preventing heart disease, diabetes and cancer with diet and lifestyle methods. You will also learn about the connection between nutrition and the immune system and how toxic hunger and food addiction hamper weight loss efforts.

The course material is broken up in to 5 Units which outline the fundamental principles of Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian approach - a nutrient-dense, plant-rich diet.  Each unit is comprised of multiple lessons.  Each topic is structured with a reading assignment, scientific article(s), recorded webcast, and brief assessment. 

After progressing through all of the units, and successfully passing a final exam you will receiven a certificate of completion for completing the course.

Certificates may be applied toward continuing education credit.

This course qualifies for 32 continuting education contact hours.

Estimated time to complete:  6 months 
As a self-paced course, the time to actually complete the course will vary by the individual. We recommend the student targets completing at least 1 to 1.5 lessons (or spending about 3-5 hours) per week.

This program is offered in an open enrollment format, which means students can enroll and begin at any time. To successfully complete the program, students must pass a final exam in each of the required courses.



  • UNIT 1: Nutrient Density
  • UNIT 2: Comprehensive Nutrient Adequacy
  • UNIT 3: Hormone Favorability
  • UNIT 4: Avoiding Toxins
  • UNIT 5: Toxic Hunger & Food Addiction
  • FINAL EXAM: The Science of the Nutritarian Diet

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