Insurance Information

Services at the Eat to Live Retreat are performed by medical doctors, nursing staff, and fitness experts. Many health plans will help pay for these services, although insurance reimbursement for the retreat is dependent on your provider and is not guaranteed. We are an “opt out” of Medicare facility and all insurance claims would go towards out of network claims.

Full or partial reimbursement from your employer-sponsored Flexible Spending Account, or a personal Health Saving Account that is partnered with a high deductible health plan, may also be available. Both of these IRS-approved plans (FSA and HSA) cover expenses for food addiction counseling and weight loss (for treatment of a medical condition). In order to receive reimbursement from these plans, a detailed receipt and a Letter of Medical Necessity, signed by your doctor, should be included with your request.

  • Flexible Spending Accounts: FSA pre-tax funds can be used for you, your spouse, and your eligible dependents (as identified on your Federal tax return).
  • Health Savings Accounts: HSA funds can be used for you, your spouse, or eligible dependents (as identified on your Federal tax return) even if they are not covered by the HSA-compatible health plan.

The total fee for this experience can be a tax-deductible medical expense with proper medical diagnosis.

Inquire about a payment plan, if that would be helpful.

This information should not be interpreted as tax advice from the Eat to Live Retreat. Please seek the advice of your tax accountant and refer to IRS Publication 502.

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