Eat to Live Retreat

We provide the medical care, education, and tools for people to reclaim their health.

Set in the hills of San Diego, Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live Retreat is a place of transformation.

At the retreat, we will help you change your food preferences, resolve your food cravings and addictions, and feel in control of your health destiny as you embark on your journey to lose excess weight and reverse chronic disease.

You will become a patient of Dr. Fuhrman’s. Under Dr. Fuhrman’s instructions, your medications will be monitored to help you safely reduce dosages or even eliminate them entirely. Our staff is dedicated to helping you plan for long-term success.

Our guests:

  • Shed excess weight, normalize blood pressure, and reverse type 2 diabetes
  • Recover from chronic diseases, like autoimmune and heart disease
  • Resolve emotional eating and change taste preferences
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All-inclusive stays include:

  • Private guest room and bath
  • Organic, plant-based meals
  • Entrance and exit consultation with Dr. Fuhrman
  • Health screenings and check-ins with our registered nurse
  • Lectures and educational talks
  • Cooking classes
  • Online coursework in nutrition

More About Our Accomodations

Additional services:

  • Success Program: video sessions with our expert in emotional eating
  • Neuromuscular Massage: a style of massage to engage your body’s ability to heal and repair areas of discomfort and chronic pain (*additional fees apply)

Dr. Fuhrman helped me taper down my medications and gave me the confidence and support I needed to do this.

When I got to the retreat, I discovered this was different from anything I had ever tried. I soon learned that eating an organic Nutritarian diet was crucial to my recovery. This super-healthful diet was something I had never tried before. It seemed very overwhelming at first, but I was taught all the tools I needed to be able to continue this when I got home.

Read Amber’s Story

My taste buds had changed, my weight was plunging, and my blood pressure had normalized. The need for medications was greatly diminished.

Dr. Fuhrman examinded me, took my medical history, and got me going with the program immediately. During my stay, I interacted with the chefs often, learning what and how to cook. Their meals were amazing. … The retreat was such a great place to stay while getting over the initial shock of having a heart attack. Everyone there had health issues, from cancer to diabetes to autoimmune disease. The support we gave each other was both comforting and enjoyable.

Read Darrell’s Story

I stopped Losartin for blood pressure because blood pressure came down with nutrition changes.

Dr. Fuhrman's education through his many books, online programs, and his retreat have resulted in my achieving my primary goal of achieving better health through better nutrition. I now know how to better feed myself and also why it is so important to provide the proper fuel so as to avoid the many diseases that cut short so many lives around us of family and friends.

— Bill

In mid-October I contracted COVID, which I survived, so I thought.

In late November, my autoimmune disease (psoriasis) became rampant, ravishing my body like never before. I immediately thought of Eat to Live Retreat, and booked for January. Here I was able to get all the tools I needed to be 100% successful. Within three weeks my legs and arms recovered about 95%! My torso is coming along slower, but coming along! After one month, I feel I have been given the best knowledge and tools to heal myself with nutrient-packed foods...To sum up my experience here at Eat to Live Retreat: Knowledge – Power – Family – Success

— Theresa

As I walked through the doors of Eat to Live Retreat I noticed a sign that said: Welcome. Your Transformation Awaits.

It’s now almost three months later. I’ve met wonderful people, three chefs prepared delicious meals, [and] there are exercise and yoga classes. Dr. Fuhrman delivered excellent lectures each week. Both Joel and his wife Lisa ate most meals with us and answered endless questions. I found them friendly, kind, generous and full of knowledge. Hiking and swimming in the California sunshine was absolutely delightful. I am so thankful and I am almost 60 lbs. lighter.

— Heidi

Our Pricing

It takes time, as well as education and dedication, to make permanent lifestyle changes. We encourage you to stay 2 months or longer to ensure that these changes become a permanent part of your life.

Rates start at $9,715 per month for single occupancy.

A portion of this program may be eligible for insurance reimbursement. See insurance information for details.

We provide you with the education. food, and resources to reclaim your health for life.

Contact us at 949-432-6295
or [email protected]


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