Super Immunity Guided Detox

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RECORDED Discussions with 3 Weeks of Menu Plans, Learning Tools and added Support

If you missed the live version, it's not too late to benefit from this program!

Enrollment extended through June 30, 2020
Classroom closes: 60 days after enrollment

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Boost Your Immune System, Remove Toxins from the Body and Repair DNA Damage to Prevent Cancer

Eating healthy plays a major role in the prevention and recovery from diseases like COVID-19 (coronavirus) and the flu, as well autoimmune disease, cancer and more. It's important to fuel your immune system with protective, micronutrient-rich foods, now more than ever. This 3-week online program delivers a 21-day eating plan to fuel your immune system with powerfully, protective micro-nutirent rich foods.  Dr. Fuhrman guides you along the way via 6 recorded discussions. Our SUCCESS program counselor offers support and tips to help push-through and avoid emotional eating pitfalls. 

The Super Immunity Guided Detox eliminates the guesswork and puts you on a clear path to acheiving your health goals.

Results in Just 3 Weeks

  • Optimize your body's ability to heal and repair – and protect against disease
  • Learn strategies to protect your health, slow aging and extend your longevity
  • Gain support to resolve emotional eating

Follow a Simple 21-Day Meal Plan

  • Downloadable guide with meal plans, recipes and shopping lists
  • Incorporates intermittent fasting, with flexible eating schedules
  • Optimizes your body's ability to heal and repair
  • Eliminates low-nutrient, disease-promoting foods

Make Personal Connections

  • Six recorded educational and motivational discussions presented by Dr. Fuhrman, providing inspiration and answers to health questions
  • Recorded discussion hosted by Kathleen Murray, LCSW, food addiction counselor for Dr. Fuhrman’s SUCCESS Program
  • Share experiences and build a community of support in our private Facebook group

Enter the Classroom for Access to:

  • Pantry makeover and shopping lists
  • 21-Day Meal Plan with recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner including plant-based entrees, salad dressings, soups, fresh green juices and green smoothies
  • An abridged digital version of Dr. Fuhrman’s book Eat For Health
  • Guided learning modules to reinforce the concepts in Eat for Health with supplemental video presentations, articles and optional assessments  
  • Private discussion board for shared experiences and support 
  • One free month of Platinum membership* to
  • Access to the recorded sessions

Classroom access opens upon enrollment, so you can plan, shop and be ready to start the meal plan on day 1. 

The classroom will remain open for 60 days after enrollment, so you can continue learning after you complete the 3-week menu plan. 

Cost: $375.00  $187.50

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All fees are non-refundable.

* Enrollment includes a free month of PLATINUM membership to for all participants, including current members. Details to activate membership are available in the classroom beginning May 4, 2020. Complimentary membership must be activated by June 30, 2020, or it will be forfeit. After your complimentary 1-month membership is over, there will be a recurring charge of $49.95 billed monthly to the credit card you supply at checkout. If you are a current GOLD member, your account will be automatically upgraded to Platinum and your membership will automatically revert back to GOLD after your complimentary month of PLATINUM ends. Current PLATINUM members will automatically receive one additional month. You will not need to do anything. You may cancel at any time prior to your monthly renewal date by calling Customer Service at 1 (800) 474-WELL (9355). Customers outside the U.S., please call Customer service at (908) 237-2195.