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Nutritarian Coaching

Why become a Nutritarian Health Coach?

It’s exciting to think of helping others as you’ve been helped. Our Nutritarian Coaching program will give you the tools to do just that. You'll receive comprehensive nutrition, food preparation and coaching skills training. You may even want to turn your passion into a career; this program provides you with the guidance to get started.

Price: $295


In your education journey with the Nutritarian Education Institute, you’ll receive training from Dr. Fuhrman and other experts to enhance your knowledge and to motivate and help others successfully adopt a Nutritarian diet. Once you complete the Nutritarian Coaching program, you will have access to ongoing useful resources and support.

Format: Self-paced, online coursework with open enrollment (students can enroll and begin at any time). Successful completion of the program requires passing a final exam in each of the required courses.

Program length: 8 months
As a self-paced course, the time to actually complete the Program will vary by individual. We recommend targeting about 3-5 hours per week.


The Nutritarian Coaching certificate program consists of two courses:

The Science of the Nutritarian Diet

Focusing primarily on Dr. Fuhrman’s writings and his years of experience treating and preventing chronic disease through superior nutrition, The Science of the Nutritarian Diet examines the most up-to-date research regarding the connection between diet and health. During the course you will learn about the powerful effects of food on our health, including the how and why of preventing heart disease, diabetes and cancer with diet and lifestyle methods. You will also learn about the connection between nutrition and the immune system and how toxic hunger and food addiction hamper weight loss efforts.

The course material is broken up in to five units which outline the fundamental principles of Dr. Fuhrman’s Nutritarian approach — a nutrient-dense, plant-rich diet. Each unit is comprised of multiple lessons. Each topic is structured with a reading assignment, scientific article(s), recorded webcast, and brief assessment.

After progressing through all of the units and successfully passing a final exam, students receive a certificate of completion for the course and Program.

Estimated time to complete: 6 months

Nutritarian Cooking

Nutritarian Cooking is comprised of five course units with modules presented by Dr. Fuhrman and others. Video demonstrations guide you through the essentials of Nutritartian cooking, meal planning and intermittent fasting, clearing out and setting up pantries, tips for grocery shopping, using trending ingredients, and developing flavors to create great-tasting Nutritarian dishes.

Estimated time to complete: 2 months

Required Texts (purchased separately)

The following books are required to complete each course. You may purchase the books through the links provided below.

The Science of the Nutritarian Diet

Nutritarian Cooking

Alumni Benefits

After successfully completing the program, graduates can enjoy these exclusive benefits:

  • Online Alumni Listing - share your achievement and increase your exposure by opting in to our web directory
  • NEI Alumni Community - network and share ideas with like-minded people (requires membership to view and post)
  • NEI Premier Affiliate Program* - take advantage of a special commission structure offered exclusively to graduates of our NEI certificate programs