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Connie C.no longer has osteoporosis in her hip

Connie C.

A bone density test showed I had osteoporosis. I met with Dr. Fuhrman and he suggested that I take Osteo-Sun, continue juicing vegetables, and add cooked vegetables to my diet. After following Dr. Fuhrman's advice for almost a year, I had a bone density test again. The test results proved I no longer had osteoporosis in my hip and that the condition had improved to osteopena. I am continuing to take OsteoSun and juicing green vegetables, which are a great source of calcium. I expect my bones to be normal again very soon. 

I have also experienced additional health benefits since I have made these lifestyle changes. I no longer experience joint pain, my cholesterol has gone down from 230 to 155, I no longer have hemorroids, and best of all, I have gone from wearing a size 10 to a size 4!

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