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Question: After following the E2L diet for a year, my niece (a.k.a. nutmeg on Dr. Fuhrman's forums) is still experiencing severe migraines and nausea in conjunction with her periods. She has read your book and your article on banishing headaches and migraines. She experiences these headaches and severe nausea ONLY during her periods. Headaches strike on the 2nd day of her period along with severe cramps. Both headaches and cramps last for 3 to 4 days every month and have been that way since she was a teenager. She's in her 40's now. She does take Advil for the cramps, but she says it doesn't touch the headaches. The only time in her life that she has been without the headaches at this time was a couple of years ago when she was on xanax, but she doesn't want to take drugs again. Do you have any further advice?

Donna (a.k.a. stellablue451 on Dr. Fuhrman's forums)

Answer: I find this hard to believe because it is exceedingly rare that headaches are not banished after so much time eating so healthfully. She might want to call me for a phone consultation so that I can help her uncover a potential factor which she is overlooking. Is she still overweight? Sleeping enough? Consuming any salt? Under psychological stress?

Reply: I did a one day fast, the E2L diet perfectly, and NO SALT whatsoever:

I made it through the week without a headache! The diet and mostly the NO SALT rule must have done the trick. Now, I'll duplicate it for the next few months to be sure! What a relief it is not to have that hang over feeling from the headache that always lasted a few days too, feeling crappy and out of it. I've never had a week this good for a "time of the month" ever, ever, ever!

FOLLOW-UP POST 10/12/05 by nutmeg

I wanted to follow up on this... it has now been 9 months and NO monthly migraines! The "no salt" rule followed very carefully has truly done the trick, and I couldn't be more pleased.

Thank you again Dr. Fuhrman, and anyone else reading this who has the same problem. Please, get all added salt out of your diet!

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