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Question: What do your medical colleagues say when you tell them nutrition can be an alternative? What's do you think about modern medical approaches to fighting heart disease?

Answer: They say, "Wow. But I could never get my patients to do that." I say, let's tell patients what their alternatives are. With nutritional excellence and the judicious use of supplements, people with life threatening conditions and so many other problems can get well again and lead a normal life. Patients deserve to make their own choice, and the natural (nutritional) interventions I use with my patients should be an option.

I believe that the modern medical approach to heart disease is malpractice. People are pushed into cardiac catheterizations, bypass surgery, angioplasty, and cholesterol-lowering medications, and are never talked to about aggressive nutritional interventions as a more effective option. And the nutritional advice they are given is almost criminal. Eating less fat and less cholesterol is not enough. They have to do much more than follow the American Heart Association recommendations about eating 30% of calories from fat and no more than 300 mg of cholesterol per day. They need to follow my vegetable-based approach with a high-nutrient density and then heart disease will melt away. The effectiveness of this approach has been documented in the medical literature.

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