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Julia S. Losing 105 pounds saved her life

Julia S.

I know I would not be alive today if not for Dr. Fuhrman's plan. After three heart attacks within three months of each other and five angioplasties in a three-year period, I was still very ill. I almost died soon after the last angioplasty and had internal bleeding that was difficult to stop. The torture of all my medical problems made me think I would be better off if I had died. I was left with unstable angina, meaning I had chest pain from my bad heart almost constantly. I weighed 225 pounds and I could not walk one block. I was on ten medications and was a cardiac cripple at the age of 60.

Luckily, I learned about Dr. Fuhrman and read  Eat To Live. Within three months of following the plan, my chest pain was gone and I was walking again. From not being able to walk one block, I was able to walk two miles with no problems. Within seven months of eating Dr. Fuhrman's high-nutrient density eating style, I weighed 135  pounds. I just wanted to be healthier and live again, but in doing so I lost 90 pounds without even trying.

When I think back to how sick I was, it's frightening. In addition to my aforementioned ailments, I suffered from daily migraines and had bleeding ulcers from all the medications I was taking. Today, I weigh 120 pounds, walk three miles a day, go to yoga classes and enjoy life immensely.

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