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Supplements: Which ones are right for you?

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Optimize your health with the right supplements! In this educational webinar, Dr. Fuhrman explains which supplements complement a healthful diet—and are right for you. He discusses his recommendations, based on extensive research, and guides you through the individual ingredients—so you know what to look for when selecting multivitamins and other dietary supplements. Dr. Fuhrman gives an in-depth overview of how to maximize the benefits of supplementation and discusses topics including gender, pregnancy, pre- and post-menopause, children’s needs, and other special concerns. In addition to a healthful diet and regular exercise, high-quality supplements such as multivitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, and immune strengthening phytochemicals can help you to fill in your nutritional gaps, optimize nutritional exposure, maximize lifespan, and increase resistance to disease.


(25 minutes)