Facebook Live Chat: What You Need to Know About Protein

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Facebook chat - protein

In this video chat, Dr. Fuhrman explains the basic facts about protein. Find out:

  • Why the source (plant foods vs. animal products) matters to your health
  • Why the slower absorption of plant proteins is hormonally favorable
  • Which plants are the best sources of protein
  • How reducing your intake of animal proteins increases lifespan
  • How animal protein puts you at a greater risk of death from heart disease and cancer.
  • How animal protein raises IGF-1 levels, which can lead to proliferation of cancer cells
  • Why the Nutritarian diet is unique among vegan or flexitarian eating styles

Dr. Fuhrman reveals the basic principle that sets the Nutritarian diet apart from other eating styles: its emphasis on plant protein, including green vegetables, beans, nuts and seeds. The Nutritarian eating style gives you enough protein concentration to support muscular activity and athletic activity. The diet is lifespan favorable, because it supplies antioxidants and phytochemicals that boost the immune system and fight cancer. It also supplies the right amount of protein so that your IGF-1 doesn’t get too high, or too low.


(25 minutes)