Treating Depression Naturally

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What's Inside:

  • Treating Depression Naturally
    New modalities offer effective treatments without drug risks
  • Lighting the Way to Wellness
    Therapeutic light is an effective treatment for depression
  • Nutrition & Mood Disorders
    Why nutritional excellence is so important for brain function
  • Fish Oils for Mood Disorder Prevention
    Why omega-3 fatty acids are important for mental health

The only options most doctors offer their depressed patients are prescription drugs that cause adverse side effects and, in some cases, worsen the problem rather than help it. Over time, drugs can further modify neurotransmitters, increasing dependency on medication.

These doctors ignore non-medical options, despite the abundance of scientific literature to support these treatment methods. This paper reveals the most effective natural remedies, and exposes those that have only minor value. It explains the importance of enhanced morning light exposure, and shows how diminished seasonal light availability has a pervasive depressing influence for much of the population. Through a combination of light therapy, nutritional therapy, physical exercise and supplementation, people suffering from depression and other emotional and mental problems can achieve high rates of remission that should exceed the response rate to medication, without the side effects.