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Preventing and Treating Cancer

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What's Inside:

  • Cancer’s Stark Realities
    Many cancers can be attributed to our toxic food environment, and research shows that we are losing the war against cancer
  • Case History: Beating the Odds
    Nutritional excellence pays off after cancer diagnosis and Pamela Swesta beats the odds
  • If You Already Have Cancer
    High-nutrient, high-cruciferous diet can make a difference. Now is the time to maximize your potential recovery by adopting Eat to Live today!
  • Anti-Cancer Solution
    The seven most important steps you can take to protect against cancer

Eat to prevent cancer, to slow cancerous progression, and, possibly, to beat cancer. No treatment—not even a program of nutritional excellence—is consistently effective for “curing cancer.” Cancer is a bizarre end-stage disease that responds in an unpredictable fashion, but dietary protocols that include vegetable juicing and high intake of cruciferous vegetables offer the most potential for treatment and for increasing the survival of cancer patients.