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Autoimmune Diseases

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What's Inside:

  • Nutritional Care of Autoimmune Diseases
    Learn why this approach is so successful
  • Dr. Fuhrman’s Dietary Protocol
    A nine-step approach to nutritional excellence
  • The Power of Nutritional Excellence
    Debra’s remarkable recovery from debilitating lupus!
  • Drugs for Autoimmune Disease
    A high-risk gamble doctors take with patients’ lives
  • The High Cruciferous Soups
    These hearty, easy-to-make, and delicious soups pack superior nutrition!
  • Jill’s Dramatic Journey to Recovery
    Dr. Fuhrman’s program transformed her life and health

Autoimmune diseases cause immense suffering and pain, and can kill. All too often, these diseases are treated with toxic drugs -- a treatment option that ultimately leads to the necessity for more drugs, and results in a more severe condition should the medication ever be discontinued. Despite a significant body of literature documenting the effectiveness of nutritional intervention for treating autoimmune diseases, doctors continue to prescribe medications which have cancer-promoting effects, instead of considering a nutritional approach. Because patients are not informed of the nutritional options, they choose conventional medical care, wrongly assuming that there are no other options.

Achieving superior health via nutritional excellence gives a person suffering from an autoimmune disorder the only opportunity for a complete, drug-free remission. The earlier this information is given, the better, because it is early on — before years of medication use — when there is the greatest possibility of achieving a remission.