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Start your journey to superior health with Nutritarian recipes that help you prevent disease. Browse and search hundreds of delicious, easy-to-prepare, recipes and curated meal plans for your wellness goals. Each printable recipe includes ingredient lists and simple instructions. New recipes are added each week.




Dr. Fuhrman always says, "knowledge is power." The video modules and webinars in our video library will give you the nutritional knowledge you need to make the best food choices, and put you on the path to superior health, slower aging and optimal vitality. As a member you'll unlock the Eat to Live Masterclass, coaching videos, and so much more!




Enjoy discounts on all Dr. Fuhrman-brand products to support your healthy lifestyle. Dr. Fuhrman’s online shop features supplements and products you can trust. He evaluates the long-term research studies to ensure that his products are made with the best ingredients for health and longevity.

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Dive into Dr. Fuhrman's books together hosted by Deana Fererri, Ph.D. on Zoom.
Connect with our community in the Ask the Doctor & Nutritarian Network forums
Platinum members receive weekly motivation and accountability from our certified Nutritarian Coach.
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  • Nutritarian Network Forum
  • Targeted Meal Plans
  • Book Club
  • The Health Tracker
  • Ad-Free Podcast Episodes
  • Nutritarian Happy Hours
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Grateful for Gold Membership! A healthy diet requires a more significant investment in today's economy, and being part of this membership grants me access to valuable discounts. Additionally, it provides me with access to beneficial recipes that align with the healthy lifestyle my daughter and I embrace. Thank you for your support, Dr. Fuhrman.
— Anastasia
Great membership!! Thanks to my membership, I can access and enjoy reading articles on healthy eating. In 2017, I upgraded my membership to "ask the doctor," and as a result, my husband was able to eliminate 100% of his asthma and heart medications! Thank you very much. We no longer experience frequent illnesses.
— Wendy
Membership is priceless! The benefits of membership are truly invaluable. The member forum consistently provides helpful information, and the recipe section is a valuable resource that I frequently return to. I wholeheartedly recommend this membership!
— Sharon S.
Love having access to such an informative website This marks my first renewal, and I'm delighted to continue my Gold membership. I've discovered some incredibly satisfying and delicious recipes that have become favorites in our household. The recipes alone make the membership worth every penny. Highly recommended.
— Julie M.
Well worth the membership. I've been a member for a long time, since around 2006, I believe. My membership has been incredibly rewarding, and I've even formed some great friendships through it.
— Lynne M.
Worth Every Penny I primarily use my membership to access the vast collection of great recipes. I love the ability to search for recipes based on the ingredients I have on hand, and reading the review comments provides me with ideas on how to enhance them. While I don't make purchases very often, I appreciate the discounts from my membership.
— Victoria B
I plan to maintain my membership and keep thriving. The savings on supplements and food alone more than justify the cost. I've benefited from watching videos of Dr. Fuhrman speaking at various events. I turn to "Ask the Doctor" for answers to my long-standing questions. The Book Club is a valuable resource. Thanks to all this help, I've lost over 30 pounds, achieved a BMI of 22, built muscle mass, and continue to feel fantastic with excellent lab results in my mid-70s without any medications. My physician is always amazed at my health and vitality.
— Beverly S.
Gold Monthly Membership Access to an abundance of valuable information and fantastic recipes! I've been a Nutritarian for nearly 2 years now, and I've never been healthier or happier:)
— Donna S.
Dr. Fuhrman has played a crucial role in educating me beyond what his books cover. I struggled with weight loss due to PCOS and other factors, but after following his advice to focus on GBOMBS, I experienced unprecedented weight loss of over 70 pounds! My benign adenoma in my liver disappeared within 4 months, and I've seen improvements in many other aspects of my health. Having the Platinum Membership, with thousands of accessible recipes, allows me to keep gaining insights and making progress. I can now enjoy sports like horseback riding without difficulty. I'm grateful to Dr. Fuhrman for guiding me toward a healthier life.
— Tanya H.
I've been a member since Dr. Fuhrman's website first launched. I've read all his books and attended his presentations in Boston. I order all my vitamins, supplements, and various food items from here. The website is a treasure trove of information, and the prompt responses to my questions through "Ask the Doctor" are invaluable. I always trust the quality of the products. Plus, the recipes are mostly fantastic; I have two big binders filled with them, and I particularly love the soups. Membership is unquestionably worth every penny!
— Charlene P.
The Gold Membership perfectly aligns with my health goals, interests, and budget. Whenever I have a health concern or question, I turn to the website using my membership, rather than conducting a broader internet search. I consistently find Dr. Fuhrman's expert opinions and answers to similar questions through Position Papers and his blog.
— Eileen M.
The first step on your Nutritarian roadmap is to reset your taste buds and celebrate healthy foods with Dr. Fuhrman’s Recipe Database
The Ultimate Recipe Database
Unlock the doors to a world of culinary bliss with more than 2,000+ mouthwatering Nutritarian recipes created by Dr. Fuhrman, expert Nutritarian chefs, and members just like you. Discover the secrets to making delicious meals while providing your body with the essential nutrients it needs.
Enjoy Nutritarian recipes with ease:
  • 100% Dr. Fuhrman-approved recipes
  • Store your favorite recipes in your Recipe Box
  • Create grocery lists to save time and effort at the store
  • Follow 14-Day Meal Plans tailored to address your health goals
  • Explore recipe collections for inspiration during holidays and events
  • Receive Recipe of the Day emails each week to help you spice things up
Dr. Fuhrman’s Membership Program is your key to unlocking the life-changing benefits of his Nutritarian approach.
Unlock the 20 Module Eat to Live Masterclass Today!
Are you tired of confusing and conflicting diet advice? Do you want to achieve optimal health, lose weight, and prevent chronic disease?
Gain instant access to the entire Eat to Live Masterclass. This exclusive learning experience features 20 in-depth modules that reveal the blueprint for achieving superior health and wellness! You’ll learn the secrets to preventing and even reversing chronic disease.
Plus, our video library, book club, and position papers to deepen your education and focus on specific health topics.
As a member, you’ll gain exclusive access to valuable resources, support, and expertise that will empower you to transform your life through superior nutrition.
Enjoy products for the Nutritarian lifestyle with member discounts!
Ask the Doctor

Connect with Dr. Fuhrman in the Ask the Doctor Forum. You'll find Q&A from members just like you, and discover how Dr. Fuhrman answers various general medical questions.

*Ask the Doctor is read-only for Gold members. Platinum and Diamond members can post questions.

Nutritarian Network

Find support and encouragement from our Nutritarian Coaches & other members who are following the Nutritarian lifestyle in our private forum.

The Health Tracker

Receive Dr. Fuhrman's recommendations and track your progress with our powerful health tracker tool.

Product Discounts

As a member, you'll save up to 10% on Dr. Fuhrman-brand supplements and up to 25% off food, books, and media. With these savings, membership can easily pay for itself each time you shop.

With Platinum membership or higher, our group coaching program will help you:
  • Lose excess weight
  • Prevent or reverse chronic disease, including cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and more
  • Lower or eliminate your medications (consult with your doctor)
  • Boost your immune system
  • Increase your energy (big time!)
  • Cook like a Nutritarian chef!
  • Sharpen your mind and remove the brain fog
  • Stop wasting your time counting calories
  • Kick your cravings and destructive habits
You'll get:
  1. 1. Weekly Group Coaching Sessions
  2. 2. Transformation 20 Meal Plan, Grocery Lists, & Guide
  3. 3. Classroom Access & Private Community
Join the thousands of members who have successfully achieved their health goals and reclaimed their vitality with Dr. Fuhrman’s guidance.