Dr. Fuhrman’s Success Program

Put an end to emotional eating, binges, cravings, and other addictive food behaviors. Get the help you need to ensure SUCCESS!

SUCCESS Is Within Your Reach!

Our expert team of licensed clinicians will help you “make it stick” this time! No more addictive food cravings, yo-yo dieting, or emotional eating. Your counselor will:

  • Guide you through the foundation of the Nutritarian diet – because knowledge trumps willpower

  • Create an action plan based on your unique needs

  • Show you how to take action “right now” to make immediate changes in your life

  • Review your food diary daily to hold you accountable

Your counselor is as close as your phone (or tablet, or laptop)

Connect with your counselor either in-person at our office, or online – whatever is most convenient for you. Discuss your challenges, share your victories, and strategize for your success!

NEW: Lunch with Kathleen

Every month, you can join Kathleen Murray, LCSW and fellow SUCCESS PROGRAM members for a fun and informative online lunch chat session. Each month, we’ll feature a different topic. Participants will be able to ask questions, share their experiences, and trade tips and tricks for staying on track.

To accommodate members in different time zones, the chat will take place twice a month to accommodate the Eastern and Pacific time zones. Choose whatever date works best for you – and feel free to attend both!

Dr. Fuhrman’s SUCCESS Program includes:

  • Initial interview with your counselor (online or in-person)
  • Weekly chats with your counselor
  • Online accountability via personal emails with your counselor
  • Platinum membership to DrFuhrman.com while enrolled in the SUCCESS PROGRAM
  • Access to the Nutritarian Education Institute SUCCESS classroom
  • Monthly “Lunch with Kathleen” via Zoom
  • SUCCESS Journal
  • Motivational and educational emails from your counselor
  • Access to private Facebook group for SUCCESS members only

Meet Your SUCCESS Program Team

Randi Carbone, R.N. leads the SUCCESS Program under the direction of Dr. Fuhrman. She is highly experienced in helping patients who are struggling with food addiction and other eating disorders. In conjunction with Dr. Fuhrman, Ms. Carbone developed a successful program that enhances patients’ results by teaching them life skills that enable them to maintain nutritional excellence and overcome food addictions. Previously, Ms. Carbone worked within a multi-disciplinary team to manage both inpatient and outpatient addiction services for adults and adolescents battling addictions

Kathleen Murray, L.C.S.W. is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with significant clinical experience working in the mental health and substance abuse fields. After undergoing further training with Dr. Fuhrman and his clinical team, Ms. Murray has developed a specialty in food addiction counseling. She has worked in both inpatient and outpatient settings, motivating individuals to improve their health. Kathleen has worked with addiction in all age groups and in various settings, including individuals and groups.

Jill Rosenthal, M.D. is a Harvard and Stanford educated physician who retired after a 35+ year career teaching and practicing medicine at Tufts Medical School and Group Health Cooperative/Kaiser Permanente and began a second career as a weight loss and wellness coach specializing in helping clients eliminate emotional eating. Dr. Rosenthal truly understands the issues her clients face, having dealt with her own weight issues and their complications, including breast cancer.

We’re committed to your SUCCESS

Call us today at (908) 237-0200 or email [email protected] to find out more about Dr. Fuhrman’s SUCCESS Program.

You deserve the finest support to enjoy a healthful and happy life!