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How to Lower Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

The most effective natural ways to lower your blood pressure and cholesterol and protect against heart attacks and strokes.The benefits of this nutritional approach go beyond protecting against heart disease and offer improvements to your overall health and quality of life.


Runtime: 3 hrs 20 mins

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Learn how to normalize blood pressure and cholesterol more effectively than medications in this 3-part lecture series with bonus question and answer segment.

Lose Excess Weight
Dr. Fuhrman discusses the problems that cause people to become overweight and the basics of nutritional science.  He explains why plaque builds up and what is missing from diets that causes it. Learn the secret foods that are necessary to keep you thin and protect your heart and overall health.

Reversing High Blood Pressure, Cholesterol and Heart Disease
Certain foods not only contain special properties to protect against cancer but also inhibit fat storage and atherosclerosis. A Nutritarian diet, including a portfolio of these protective foods, dramatically reverses heart disease and protects agains future heart problems. In contrast, the SAD (Standard American Diet) is deadly, it promotes body fat, high blood pressure and high cholesterol and increases the risk of diabetes. Using drugs to lower blood pressure and cholesterol not only has risky side-effects, but also does not adequately protect against heart attacks and strokes..

Nutritarian Cooking for Reversing Disease
Learn the cooking basics that will make it easy-to-follow a Nutritarian lifestyle and enjoy these powerful, heart-protective foods. Dr. Fuhrman discusses the ingredients to have on hand, cooking techniques, incredibly delicious recipes, and tips and tools that make this easy.

Questions and Answers
Dr. Fuhrman takes on some commonly asked questions.



  • Lose Excess Weight and Keep it Off
  • Reversing High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol and Heart Disease
  • Nutritarian Cooking for Reversing Disease
  • Questions and Answers

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