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The Art of Nutritarian Cooking


Join Dr. Fuhrman and three renowned chefs for a fascinating exploration of Nutritarian cuisine. This entertaining and informative cooking program will teach you the seceets of creating healthful and delicious Nutritarian meals. You'll learn through short lecture-style presentations, cooking demonstrations, reading materials and Q&A sessions.


Timeframe: 3 months to complete

Cost: $495.00

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The Art of Nutritarian Cooking is a certificate program comprised of 3 courses with modules presented by Dr. Fuhrman and three world-class chefs. The course utilizes reading materials to reinforce core concepts and to offer meal planning ideas. Video demonstrations will help you master cooking techniques and help spark your creativity with food and seasonings.

In the Art of Nutritarian Cooking, Dr. Fuhrman will review the protocols of the Nutritarian diet and explain why the Nutritarian approach is the best way of eating for health and longevity. In each of the course modules you will learn the unique methods and cooking styles of each of the chefs

  • Basic Principles of Nutritarian Cooking
    Essential Nutritarian cooking techniques and tools to build confidence in the kitchen and some staple dishes to get you started.
  • Flavor Development
    Fundamental ways to pair a variety of high-nutrient foods with seasonings for the most flavorful dishes.
  • Culinary Inspirations for the Nutritarian Chef
    Gourmet methods to create out-of-this-world Nutritarian dishes with culinary inspirations from renowned chefs

Required texts: Eat For Health* and the Eat To Live Cookbook

* A digital copy of Eat For Health is included in the Art of Nutritarian Cooking classroom. Printed books can be purchased in our shop at

Total video runtime: 20 hrs 30 mins


ANC: (Course 1) Basic Principles of Nutritarian Cooking

  • Module 1: Why a Nutritarian Diet (Dr. Fuhrman)
  • Module 2: Essentials of Nutritarian Cooking (Dr. Fuhrman)
  • Module 3: Setting Up for Success (Chef James)
  • Module 4: Kitchen Appliances and Techniques (Chef James)
  • Module 5: How to Make Great Salads (Chef Martin)
  • Module 6: Simple Plans for Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner (Chef Robin)

ANC: (Course 2) Flavor Development

  • Module 1: Stir It, Cream It, Roast It (Chef Martin)
  • Module 2: International Cuisine (Chef Robin)
  • Module 3: Spice It Up! (Chef James)

ANC: (Course 3) Culinary Inspirations for the Nutritarian Chef

  • Module 1: Think Like a Chef (Chef Martin)
  • Module 2: Dishes That Impress (Chef James)
  • Module 3: Decadent Desserts (Chef Robin)
  • Module 4: Trending Nutritarian Ingredients and Techniques (Dr. Fuhrman)
  • Module 5: Intelligent Cooking: Using your Mind and Fork to Create a Stronger Brain (Michael Mantz, M.D., M.H.)

ANC: (Course 4) Ask the Chefs

  • Module 1: Q&A with Chef Martin
  • Module 2: Q&A with Chef Robin
  • Module 3: Panel Discussion (Dr. Fuhrman, Chef Martin, Chef James)
  • Wrap Up and Q&A with Dr. Fuhrman

Eat to Live Cookbook: 200 Delicious Nutrient-Rich Recipes for Fast and Sustained Weight Loss, Reversing Disease, and Lifelong Health

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With 200 Nutritarian recipes, Dr. Fuhrman’s Eat to Live Cookbook makes it easy to create healthful meals to help you lose weight and reverse disease. READ MORE

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Eat for Health

Paperback: $14.99
Member Pricing: $11.24

In his book Eat for Health, Dr. Fuhrman provides a plan to adopt his diet gradually, allowing you to slowly transition to a complete Nutritarian lifestyle. READ MORE

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