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Certificate Programs

Learn the science and practical application of nutrition to influence health outcomes. Self-paced and offered with open enrollment, these programs are ideal for health professionals, coaches, chefs or anyone!

Nutritarian Studies

The Nutritarian Studies certificate program is a track of courses designed by Dr. Fuhrman to provide students with a foundational knowledge of nutritional science along with an in-depth examination of the fundamental principles of the Nutritarian diet.

Dr. Fuhrman Nutritarian Education Institute is a licensed Continuing Education Provider for the State of California Board of Registered Nursing.


Courses Included:

Basics of Nutrition
The Science of the Nutritarian Diet

The Art of Nutritarian Cooking

Join Dr. Fuhrman and three renowned chefs for a fascinating exploration of Nutritarian cuisine. This entertaining and informative cooking program will teach you the seceets of creating healthful and delicious Nutritarian meals. You'll learn through short lecture-style presentations, cooking demonstrations, reading materials and Q&A sessions.

Courses Included:

ANC: Course 1 - Basic Principles of Nutritarian Cooking
ANC: Course 2 - Flavor Development
ANC: Course 3 - Culinary Inspirations for the Nutritarian Chef
ANC: Course 4 - Ask the Chefs