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Get Started
on the Nutritarian Diet

As you can see, the Nutritarian diet is not a program with tricks or gimmicks. It takes time to gain mastery over this body of knowledge, but once you have an understanding, it becomes easy to gain control of your weight, earn back excellent health and enjoy your life to the fullest.

With the combination of reading the books, interacting with others, your personal experience and learning from me on the site, you will gain the knowledge to guarantee your success. I am personally committed to you achieving superior health and your ideal weight. Let's work together to make sure that you can't fail.

Steps in Getting Started:

  1. Order End of Dieting and read it from cover to cover.
    The first step is to read my book, The End of Dieting, or one of my other books that may be more appropriate to your immediate needs, such as The End of Diabetes, Super Immunity or Eat for Health. Then, the additional information on this site will take you much further. It will give you the knowledge and feedback you need to ensure your success.

  2. Become a Member and begin on the road to superior health.
    Once you've read the book, you may still have many questions as you begin to implement what you learn. The online Member Center is an environment for inspiration and education, which will reinforce your success!

    For less than the cost of one doctor visit, you'll have the tools, the community and my guidance available to you all year, which will help you achieve health at a level you've never experienced before, and you'll achieve your ideal weight and more in the process. After a while, with all the learning available at the online Member Center, you'll become a scholar of nutrition!

    When you become a member, you will have access to all of my informative position papers, tutorials, more than 1500 recipes, many different forums to get to know other people who are following the Nutritarian diet, and much more. An important feature of the membership is the Ask the Doctor Forum where you can communicate with me directly and/or read the questions posed by others and answered by me.

Once a Member (benefits vary by membership plan):

  • Learn how to cook delicious and healthful meals with my great tasting recipes

  • Review all the tutorials, webinars and position papers available as a member, so that you become the nutritional expert

  • Communicate with other members via our forums

  • Enjoy savings on Dr. Fuhrman supplements, food, books, and media products

  • Access over 10,000 searchable Questions and Answers by Dr. Fuhrman in response to real people’s concerns

  • Communicate with me directly in the Ask the Doctor Forum, to resolve any questions or obstacles that are standing in the way of your success
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