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The informational services offered on this website are to enable people to:
  • Follow the Eat To Live diet and lifestyle.
  • Receive Dr. Fuhrman's support, advice and information.
  • Purchase products for healthful living.

My niche is to satisfy people's desire for information that will enable them to achieve excellent health and reverse disease by optimal nutrition and by the uncovering and the removal of cause.

My goal is to cut through all the confusion in the diet and nutrition marketplace and to offer people the opportunity to choose never to have a heart attack. It is not sufficient to simply reduce risk a little.

I have moved a large portion of my practice online to work with people all over the world whom seek high quality guidance and to make sure there are no obstacles in the way for those attempting to recover their health.

My book, Eat To Live, reveals the greatest diet-style on earth, simply because it's the healthiest way to eat. It also gives us the best results in the weight loss arena, too. Make no doubt about it ... this is not primarily a weight loss plan. Rather, it is knowledge that every person can utilize daily to guide them to the most healthful and happiest life possible. This knowledge is intended to guide you to further eating enjoyment, while overcoming the seduction of the "fake" food we are surrounded by almost all the time, which creates medical tragedies and unnecessary suffering.

Getting Started

The first step is to read my book, Eat To Live. Then the information on this site will take you much further. It will give you the knowledge and feedback you need to ensure your success. This is my purpose.

Then, after you have perused the articles here on the public site and read Eat To Live, the next step is to join the member support center. If you join the membership site, you will have access to all of my informative newsletters, tutorials, great recipes and much more. An important feature of membership is the Ask The Doctor forum where you can communicate with me directly and read the questions and answers posed by others and answered by me.

I'm looking forward to having you on board.

Joel Fuhrman, M.D.

Steps in Getting Started

1. Order Eat To Live and read it from cover to cover.

2. Become a Member and begin on the road to recovery.

Once a Member:

  • Learn how to cook delicious and healthful meals with my Great Tasting Recipes.
  • Read all the tutorials and newsletters available as a member, so that you become the nutritional expert.
  • Communicate with other members
  • Communicate with me directly in the Ask The Doctor forum, if you have any questions or obstacles to your success.
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