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Q: Are Eat to Live and Eat for Health diet programs?

A: Eat to Live and Eat for Health are principle centered books about the practices and strategies for achieving superior health and ideal weight, primarily through the foods we eat.

Eat to Live and Eat for Health are not programs with tricks or gimmicks. Dr. Fuhrman refers to it as a diet-style, not a diet, as it is not only for those desiring weight loss; it is simply the healthiest and most sensible way to eat. Because Eat to Live and Eat for Health are the real thing, you are never "on or off" some "program". The knowledge gained will be with you and affect the style of your eating for the rest of your life. Once you learn this body of knowledge, it simply becomes impossible to eat the same diet you have in the past. You will make positive changes.

We're all eating to live right now, so whether you make a 20% improvement, a 50% improvement or a 95% improvement, you'll succeed with Eat to Live or Eat for Health and will achieve results proportionate to the improvements you make.

Q: But, I feel like I'm on a diet. What do I need to keep in mind, so I don't think like this?

A: Keep in mind that there are 3 primary food classes, which we have easy access to in today's society — natural-plant, animal and refined or processed foods. As a primate, you were naturally designed to eat predominantly from the natural-plant kingdom, with small amounts of wild animal foods for one reason or another.

Processed foods or junk foods are not your natural diet.

You've probably been eating like the rest of us did for years, from all the foods available in the standard American diet and from the animal and refined food products classes, with foods from the natural-plant class as a side dish. Man-made foods are heavily marketed and addicting; so it is normal to feel some loss is taking place.

At first, eating predominantly from the plant kingdom will feel like you're limited, especially if you are not used to a plant-based diet.

Once you realize that the food universe within the plant food kingdom is vast and capable of supporting many amazing menus, of both great-tasting convenience foods and gourmet dishes, you will run out of days in a year before you run out of what to eat. Then and only then does the diet mentality go away, because you have all that you want available to you … not just lettuce and vegetables.

When you also realize, experientially, that it's no big deal if you periodically eat something from the lower animal and refined food classes, especially given the society in which we live, you'll really understand what you've chosen to do is to eat more foods that serve you well over foods that make you overweight and sick.

Since food is such a huge part of our culture, you want a strategy that acknowledges your ability to eat whatever you want. It is your choice to eat predominantly from the class of foods that builds health, supports your ideal weight and makes you look great!

Lastly, it will seem like you're going on a diet at first. Most people's experience and conditioning by the diet industry, which markets to us this way and gets our minds thinking this way, is in terms of going "on" diets and programs.

Incorporating what Eat to Live and Eat for Health recommend will feel strange at first, as if you were on some special diet and not partaking in all the junk consumption that you see going on around you.

Eventually, you won't even notice, and the foods that you eat will seem normal.

Q: Will I have to count calories?

A: Not at all! Even though the books benchmark average consumption for men and women, you never have to count calories again. You only have to do this when you are forced to eat less of foods that are not natural to you, because they will make you overweight. Health promoting foods don't do this, and your body will tell you how much it needs. You'll eat until you're satisfied, all the time!

It's not how many calories are in your food, it's what you get in return for that caloric load. So, you want to focus on the quality of what you are eating, not the quantity.

Q: What about portions? Do I need to control portion size?

A: Just eat until you've had enough.

Q: So, do I have to change my lifestyle?

A: Let's just say, you'll make many enhancements over time. Whether you go on a quick fix diet for short-term weight loss results or you get into a health-promoting lifestyle for long-term successful results, which is what Eat to Live and Eat for Health are all about, you'll naturally make changes in the way you live.

If you don't change the way in which you live, it's impossible to get better results. Keep in mind, however, you won't make changes unless you think it will make your life better.

The irony is that it's harder to adjust your lifestyle around quick fix dieting practices than it is to adjust your lifestyle around practices that serve you well in the long term. Either direction will feel strange and may seem difficult at first, but a health-promoting lifestyle, which will finally glean you long term success, will become normal.

Q: Why then will I succeed with Eat to Live or Eat for Health? The 6-week plan seems like a weight loss diet.

A: Eat to Live does emphasize weight loss first and foremost, because people want weight loss more than anything else. Even more than health, which most people only understand as not having a diagnosis, people want to look good. Eat to Live takes health-promoting lifestyle practices and focuses them around achieving fast and sustainable weight loss. Weight loss happens quickly when you simply give your body what it really needs.

The important point to understand is that after 6 weeks or so, a time period where you'll adjust to new eating practices, you'll move on to the Life Plan, where you'll have more flexibility because your body weight has normalized considerably, and your body and taste buds have had a chance to acclimate to this style of eating. During the initial phase, you're breaking new ground, so you're more focused than ever. Keep in mind that the very same eating practices that are ideal for losing weight healthfully are the same practices that will make you a better athlete, stay in great shape, live longer, never have a heart attack or lose your intelligence with aging!

Q: What if I can't be that disciplined?

A: It's not about discipline; it's about transitioning to a healthier place and doing so from a place of discovery, pleasure and desire. If you want to be aggressive, go full speed ahead into the 6 weeks, invoking some discipline and eating only foods that serve your goals. If you go 50% of the way, even 20% of the way, celebrate your success! Start where you're at and move forward at a pace you can handle. We're all coming from different places moving towards the same goal. Without the pressure to be perfect, most people find it easy to incorporate this fun and exciting diet-style that offers the most powerful results to protect your future well-being. Over time, you will find that you simply will not desire or tolerate the "fake food" that destroys your health. Like undergoing gastric-bypass surgery, your stomach reject it, and you won't feel well from it. You will enjoy the gourmet recipes and flavor of real food more and feel good about taking proper care of your body simultaneously. One unique feature of this way of eating and living is that as you eat greater amounts of great tasting healthy recipes and foods, you lose your desire to eat all the unhealthy stuff. It is mostly about eating more, not about eating less.

Q: OK, I get that, but isn't losing weight fast, unhealthy?

A: Losing weight in an unhealthy manner, is unhealthy. The reason, that the Nutritarian diet is so successful, is because its approach is based simply on doing those things that will assuredly improve your health.

When the way you eat is truly health promoting, you typically lose weight quickly, because the body is very resilient when it's not dealing with foods that are compromising its health. When you place health first, you will naturally and healthfully gravitate toward your ideal weight without dieting.

Combined with the other core essentials of a health promoting lifestyle, balanced activity or exercise and adequate sleep, you'll not only lose weight rapidly and healthfully, but you will eventually look and feel the best you've ever felt… just give it some time.

Q: You talk about Eat to Live being normal. What do you mean?

A: Eat to Live brings you back to your normal and natural diet. The one humans are biologically adapted to as primates. That is, a diet comprised predominantly of vegetables, legumes, beans, fruits, raw nuts, seeds, whole unrefined grains and even some animal foods, albeit small amounts, and of course, all the tasty, amazing gourmet meals you can create from these health promoting food categories.

Normal does not mean common these days given the present practice of eating predominantly from animal and refined food products. These foods are addicting because they are over-concentrated, exceptionally low in nutrients and produced with pleasure-inducing chemical ingredients, making you crave more of them. Most people are addicted to these foods and food addiction results in an overweight and sickly society.

Eating, in a way that does not seem common, will feel abnormal at first. What you read about in these books and throughout this website, is not the norm, but it can make you successful at reaching your ideal weight and excellent health for the first time.

Q: How do I get started?

A: Start where you are. Choose and read either Eat to Live or Eat for Health, and then sign up for Dr. Fuhrman's online Member Center, for added inspiration and education that will reinforce your success with ongoing support.

Once you've read the book, you may still have many questions as you begin to implement what you learn. The online Member Center is an environment for inspiration and education, which will reinforce your success!

For less than the cost of one doctor visit, you'll have the tools, the community and my guidance available to you all year, which will help you achieve health at a level you've never experienced before, and you'll achieve your ideal weight and more in the process. After a while, with all the learning available at the online Member Center, you'll become a Nutritarian scholar!

As you can see, the Nutritarian diet is not a program with tricks or gimmicks. It takes time to gain mastery over this body of knowledge, but once you are in control of your weight, you can earn back excellent health and enjoy your life.

With the combination of reading the book, interacting with others, your personal experience and learning from me on the site, you will gain the knowledge to guarantee your success.

If you need more support than this or if you are suffering from either the medical complications of being overweight or other chronic illness, you can set up consultations with me over the phone, and I'll guide you to success. I am personally committed to you achieving superior health and your ideal weight. Let's work together to make sure that you can't fail.

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